March 2016 Favourites #BUYNIGERIAN

Happy Easter Guys!

I'm back again with another Youtube video and this time it's all about the products I've been loving this month that I bought here in Nigeria! Please check it out and be sure to comment, like and subscribe to my new channel.

Products Mentioned
Vane Nail Polish in Pretty Posh - link here
Ajali  Black Soap & Tea Tree Organic Face Wash - link here
Ajali Fresh Rosewater & Glycerin Face Toner- link here
Beauty Treats Eyeliner in Dark Brown and Lipliner in Cocoa - not available online
LA Girl Flat Velvet Matt Lipstick - from Yanga Beauty not Beauty Kink link here 
Dapmod Sunglasses - link here
Polaroid Z340 (my model is unavailable but here's a link to the same vendor) - here 
Polaroid Film - link here

PS: The video is currently uploading onto Youtube, estimated time is 8+ hours sigh! I'll update the post with a link once it's done.

PPS: The video's up! Please check it out here



When I first discovered Cafe Neo last year, I was so excited! Anyone that knows me knows I'm a huge fan of the "coffee experience" and I say that because I've always been more of a 'grab a Starbucks' than a 'make coffee at home person'. Not cost effective or even practical, I know, but I'm not really the type of person that relies on coffee for everyday functionality, there's just something about the experience that I love and like to indulge in occasionally. 

Anyways I digress, back to Cafe Neo. They're pretty much the only coffee shop I know of in Lagos that has managed to re-create this so-called "coffee experience". They have an extensive selection of coffees, teas, frappes, pastries and sandwiches and they're so delicious and affordable. Plus their baristas are always nice, which is refreshingly unusual for this country. So when I got the email about the free barista session they were running, my inner geek resurfaced and I got there early with my notepad, ready to learn how to make a real cup of coffee - sad I know lol. The lessons were being held at their Adeniyi Lawson branch in Ikoyi which was large, airy and the perfect spot to get some work done or have a quiet meeting *mental notes taken*.

Our session kicked off with an introduction into the African coffee industry and the Cafe Neo brand by their founder Ngozi. I won't bore you with too much information here but here are some things I found interesting:- Cafe Neo's opened 11 locations in just 3 years of operation- which is absolutely incredible! The cafe's named after the word 'neowhich means 'gift' in Botswana. Ngozi explained to us that coffee is a major resource that is under-utilised in Africa, and even here in Nigeria. I didn't even know we could grow coffee in Nigeria but apparently there's a region in Taraba State called the Mambila Plateau that used to but for some reason doesn't anymore. Presently, Cafe Neo flies in their coffee beans from Rwanda but they're hoping to be able to convince the farmers to start growing coffee beans here again. After our introduction, we were shown how to make an espresso and how to build on to that to make other drinks like lattes, cappuccinos or a mocha.

And then it was our turn...
So it turns out there are A LOT of steps to this coffee game! Between all the new terminologies being flown around like 'sweet spots', 'flushing' and 'tamping' I was pretty flustered and forgot the order I needed to do everything in. I decided to make a mocha (which is basically an espresso with chocolate syrup) with soy milk, but soy milk is harder to froth than regular milk -damn you lactose intolerance, which also didn't help my matter AND then there's the whole 'having a crowd of people watch you' thing - awkward! Still I had so much fun and my drink turned out pretty good if you ask me. Well except I managed to burn my milk and still somehow end up with a lukewarm drink - don't ask! 

Let's just say I think I'll hold on to my day job. 

Credits & Info

  • Shout out to the sweet expat man for offering to take photos of me and his 10-year old daughter whose coffee-making skills completely annihilated mine. Well I'm guessing she was 10, I can't say for sure lol.
  • Hair - Nazuri Curls Afro Clip Ins 18", just one bundle
  • Dress - Forever 21 from a few years ago, not the most flattering, but it's comfortable and I like the colour

What's your favourite coffee drink? And are you any good at making it?

PS: Still a little rough around the edges but I'm happy to be blogging again:) I'll see you again on Sunday!

My Blog Struggle, Youtube & The TMI Tag!

Why hello there!!!

I know what you're going to say but before you do, hear me out or rather watch me out #dadjoke

So now that you've watched that, I hope you have more of an insight into what I've been doing and why I've been so absent! 

When I first started blogging way back in 2012 I did so because I liked to write and I wanted a platform to share my experiences on. I wasn’t interested in sharing every aspect of my life online, becoming an ‘Insta-celeb’ or even being paid. And that’s not to knock anyone who does or is any of those things, it takes a lot of work to get to any sort of recognizable level in the blogger world, and I simply just didn’t have the dedication or daresay even the want to do it. So I went from blogging less frequently to not at all. It took me a while to even realize that I had missed it until two very significant things happened.

The first was that I received my first payment from Google - ever! For 60 glorious pounds- lol! When people tell you it takes a long time to get paid for blogging I bet you didn’t think 4 years! But that’s how long it took me and even though I’m not looking at this blog to sustain me financially, it was very exciting! The second thing (which was much more important to me) was my readers started to reach out to me. I received emails, social media comments and a few people even stopped me in person to ask why I didn’t blog anymore. And to be honest I had no reason to give them. I never made a decision to “stop blogging” I just stopped blogging… For a while I guess working as the Assistant Editor at TW Magazine helped to fill my writing void. And once I left TW to focus on running Ajali full time back in September 2015, my life became so consumed with everything Ajali that a lot of things suffered as a result (running a business is hard y’all.) Still, its taken me nearly 6 months to find my rhythm and I’ve slowly re-introduced all the things back into my life that made me feel like me – my friends, exercise, music and now I guess I’ve decided to pick up blogging again but with a little twist! 

I've also always wanted to create video content. I’ve found that there’s something so magical about looking back and watching old videos. You’re instantly taken back to where and what you were doing, and how you felt at the time. So if for no other reason than the fact that I would love to have a video diary of my life to watch when I’m older, I've joined Youtube! I really hope you all enjoy my very first video. It was the first time I've ever recorded myself or edited a video and I honestly had so much fun doing it! For anyone that's nervous about joining Youtube (Lord knows I was/ still am) I'd say just go for it! I really didn't expect to have as much fun as I did with it, and I found learning how to edit to be really intuitive and not as intimidating as I'd expected it to be all thanks to this tutorial I found on (you guessed it!) Youtube lol.

I hope you're looking forward to my new content as much as I am looking forward to creating it for you.

Happy New Year and here's to 2016 – the year of stepping out of my comfort zone lol.