Day 4
09.00am – It’s 9 o'clock and I haven’t received my juice yet… Good think I have that extra Pick me Up from last night. I notice it doesn’t taste the same though, it also settles, so its darker on the bottom and lighter on the top.

10.00am – My juices arrive at 10am to my office. The Simply Green team is super friendly and was gracious enough to re-route my delivery to my office after I explained to them I had already left home. I get started on my Cleanse Intense

11.00am – Second Cleanse intense goes down pretty easy.

1.00pm – I’m feeling the odd hunger pain here and there but I think it’s safe to say my body has adjusted to this juice cleanse now. I’m able to go about my regular work day with no major issues except for the frequent trips to the bathroom.

3.00pm – Feeling really hungry today… I realise that this is around that time of the month when my PMS kicks in and I want to eat EVERYTHING! Oh dear.. I keep sipping on my Cleanse Intense and try to ignore my hunger. I don’t have any cravings though. I always crave chocolate around this time of the month so this is especially interesting.

5.00pm – My first Pick Me Up of the evening goes down well and it’s giving me a boost of energy. I always wondered why it was called Pick Me Up lol. Simply Green just delivered my last batch of juices for Day 5!!!

8.00pm – I made it! Bring on the Last Day!

Day 5
9.00am – It’s my FINAL Day and luckily I won’t be at work today but there’s A LOT I need to do so I won’t be able to keep my juices chilled all day.. Guess I’ll be putting this cooler bag to the test.

11.00am – My second Cleanse Intense was kept chilled in my cooler bag. Chugged it down between bank runs.

1.00pm- Just snapped at the hairdressers, I think all the running around combined with traffic and not eating has gotten it.

03.00pm – Ran back home to get my last green juice!

05.00pm – Sipped on my Pick Me Up while I got my nails done.

07.00pm – I can’t believe I made it, 5 WHOLE DAYS without eating anything. I didn’t cheat ONCE!! I’m very proud of myself. Like I said it was a mental thing for me. I was able to do something I never thought I could do, curb my cravings and I feel like I’ve completely changed my eating habits too. 

Post Cleanse Thoughts
Now that the cleanse is over, I have mixed feelings about whether I would do it again. On the plus side

  • I felt lighter and had lost 2kg!
  • I felt more energetic and less moody
  • I had some of my best night's sleep on this cleanse. I think it has to do with sleeping on an empty stomach.
  • I had a massive sense of accomplishment. I'm so proud I did this!
Cons (slightly TMI)
  • I was very bloated and gassy throughout the cleanse
  • My stomach looked engorged and felt hardened 
  • I suffered from constipation. It took nearly a week after the cleanse before my bowel movements regularised
  • I was very hangry towards the end of the cleanse

All in all, I have mixed feelinga about juice cleanses. I'm not sure how sustainable they are for weight loss (I gained everything I lost pretty quickly after the cleanse) but I think it's great for a quick reset. I'd advise doing it during a time when your body can rest as opposed to when I did mine! I think I would do this again but only for 3 days - it's perfect for a quick reset and the service at Simply Green makes it so easy to do something like this. If you'd like your chance to win a free 3-day cleanse from Simply Green, visit

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  1. Thanks for sharing the cleanse with us :) For some reason, I thought you'd lose more weight. Ah well. Did you notice anything about your skin?

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