Hey Everyone,

Before I go into my diary for Day 3, here's a closer look at the Simply Green juices:

07.00am – My stomach still feels really bloated and I had to wake up about 3 times to pee in the middle of the night. Still, I notice my sleeping patterns have been really good. I’ve been sleeping really soundly since I started this cleanse. I weigh myself and I’ve lost 1.5kg so far!

09.00am – Once I shake the sleep out of my eyes, I recognize that I feel especially enegerised today. I have my first Cleanse Intense during my bible study, Café Rouge class. (I go to The Waterbook Church) I love these classes and it doesn’t bother me as much as usual – GLORY!

12.30pm – I have my second Cleanse Intense when I get back from church. I started to feel a little woozy towards the end of he service to be honest. Not sure if it was a mental thing because I knew I was late for my 11am juice or if I had moving quite a bit. Either way I welcome the second Cleanse Intense and almost LIKE it.. What’s happening to me?? Lol

3.00pm – I’m officially following my own schedule today. The Funky Beet goes down pretty easily, this is be my favourite juice now. And I only get ONE – aaargh

5.00pm – My Cleanse Intense looks a little gross – I guess since it's three days old, the water's floated to the top and this green gunk has settled at the bottom. It also tastes a little slimy… I can’t finish it

07.00pm – The Pick Me Up tastes a little slimy too, but world’s better than the Cleanse Intense

9.00pm -I decide to skip the second Pick Me Up. I’m pretty satisfied and want to avoid feeling uncomfortably bloated again.

10.30pm – I’ve been feeling way more tired these days. Off to bed peeps.

The Waterbrook Church is the youth/young adult's division of This Present House and we'll be holding our very first conference called INTELLIGENT FIRE this weekend starting today! It's at the Eko Hotel and Suites from the 6pm today, all day tomorrow and 10am to 12pm on Sunday.  It's going to be an incredible event where you can learn more about how to incorporate God into different aspects of your life. Even if you're pretty solid with your faith, a little shaky or a complete non-believer, I think they'll be something you can take away from this event. So If you live in Lagos I invite you all to stop by. It's completely free but it's advised that you register online and you can do that on I hope to see you there!


  1. Great job Ify! You did it!!

  2. I'm just thinking how well the juices will taste if they went with something I think my diet of choice is The Military Diet. There's fresh fruits, vegetables and even icecream too and my mom lost 3kg in 3 days. Though I'm on the skinny side, I still join her but with double the portions. It doesn't feel like a diet that deprives one so it's easier to stick to...since it's the only diet she's done for 3 weeks! Lol!

    1. Any diet that let's you try ice cream is one I want to try! Lol


Thank you ♥