07.00am – I woke up feeling proud of myself! I did it! I survived lol. I forgot to tell you guys how many times you pee on this cleanse! At least twice every hour! I had to use the bathroom at every single stop I made. Also I’ve been feeling pretty gassy too (sorry for the TMI) I weigh myself, I weigh the same. Hmmm… Oh well, I chug down a bottle of water and get writing.

09.00am  - Feeling faint now! I head down to the kitchen for my first Cleanse Intense of the Day. immediately feel a lot better and ready to take on the day. I start off with Instagram – have you ever noticed how many posts on Instagram are food related? Geez

11.00am – I’m not happy. My family is setting up the table for a full English Breakfast and I’m having another Cleanse Intense. Sigh. I sip on this through out my Igbo lesson. (Yes, I’ve started Igbo lessons:) The Boy gave it a try and almost spat it out. I must add, he’s very dramatic because it’s not terrible, it just tastes… green.

1.00pm – Heading out so have to take my Funky Beet on the go. I think this might be my favourite flavour. My brother tried it and he actually liked it. He said it tasted like V8. Towards 2pm I exerted myself and felt a little woozy so this is definitely not the time for physical tasks (exercise break! Lol) Anyways, I generally feel fine, except for the fact that I know I have another green Cleanse Intense coming up.

3.00pm – I’m finding it a lot easier to stick to the times today. I decide to chug my final Cleanse Intense of the day down, instead of sipping on it throughout the 2 hours like I’ve been doing. I can definitely feel my intestines churning and “detoxing”. My bowel movements are a lot more sludge-like and my urine is completely clear. It’s kind of cool. Not feeling particularly hungry or tired today either.

5.00pm – First Pick Me Up goes down while I’m getting ready. It’s my friend Kiki’s birthday dinner. I’ve been thinking about how I’m realistically going to get through a DINNER party without eating anything. I’ve told her that I’m doing this juice cleanse so hopefully it’s not too weird being the only one not eating. I’ve decided to order a large bottle of water and a green tea.This is going to be interesting.. But first a quick power nap…

7.00pm – OMG you guys! Kiki CANCELLED her birthday dinner! As much as I’m sad about that I can’t lie that I’m a little relieved. At least now I don’t have to deal with the sweet torture that watching people eat has become. My second Pick Me Up goes down a little harder than the first. At this point my stocmach is feeling swollen with water – that’s the only way I can explain it. And It’s a little painful…

10.00pm – It occurs to me that I haven’t had anything to eat in over 48 hours. I can’t believe I’m actually DOING this! It’s really a mental challenge for me as well as physical. I never thought I could do something like this and that’s what keeping me going.


  1. Aren't you lucky she canceled? No way I would have attended.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Haha, that would have been so hard but a mental challenge is always good for the brain. OMG i don't know what i would have done, that was fate!


Thank you ♥