I think every person has times when they’re really on their fitness and health game and other times when they’re kind of just bleh about it. I’ve been yo-yoing between both ends lately. But a few weeks ago I started to feel so lethargic and bloated that I decided to get my butt BACK in the gym and start watching what I’d been eating. And of course, as soon as I did I started to feel better – why do we play these games lol?

Juice Cleanses or Juice Fasts are pretty controversial in the health world – some people think they’re very unhealthy while others think they’re necessary for your body’s digestive system to recover from all the junk we eat. I’ll leave it up to you to decide for yourself but I’ve always wanted to try one. So of course when the opportunity to try out a juice cleanse came along I was very excited – finally no more excuses, it’s been handed to me on a neon-green cooler bag platter courtesy of Simply Green Juices!

Day 1

9.00amMy juices arrived to my house, chilled last Friday morning at 9am. A* for effort! As soon as I got my delivery of EIGHTEEN 500ml bottles, I noticed how big they were – oh I can definitely do this. A quick call to Simply Green and my schedule was sent to me. I had my first Cleanse Intense juice at about 9.30am and sipped on it until 10. What can I say about this juice?...It tastes green lol. I could definitely taste the celery, apple and pear. It wasn’t bad.

11.00am - I left the house about an hour before so my second Cleanse Intense for the day is a little warm. It’s definitely easier to drink this cold – note to self.

1.00pmFeeling hungry now… I stop by my house to pick up by 3rd juice of the day which is thankfully different this time. Funky Beet is really sweet and tastes like zobo almost. My mom’s at home and tastes it “It’s quite nice” she says, “But why are you doing this again” Sigh, I’d only been talking about this cleanse to her for the past 2 days!

3.00pm I’m out without a juice! Running errands around Lagos on a hot afternoon with no food is not fun! Thankfully I’m not driving myself and can have a quick power nap in the car. At this point, I’m feeling a little sorry for myself, tired and faint. I suck it up and drink a bottle of water until I’m able to get back home for my last Cleanse Intense for the day at 5pm.

5.00pmSo I’m late, having by 3pm drink at 5pm – classic Ifeyinwa! I’m so over this green conconotion! Meanwhile the cook's fixing up a feast for my family downstairs, I will not break!

7.00pm - Friday evening in with The Boy and I bring him my 5pm Pick Me Up while I have the 7pm bottle – there’s no way I’m going to finish both of these before I go to bed. He doesn’t undertand what I’m doing either,
“So what are you eating with this?” he asks
“Nothing, just drinking these juices for the next 5 days”
“So they force you to not eat?” *Insert grave look of concern*
I burst our laughing, “Force me???”
After I explain everything to him, he decides he wants to do the cleanse to. I’m giving him 2 hours. LMAO

10.00pm - Back home and my stomach’s rumbling. I usually have a cup of green tea before bed but I’m all out of pure green tea, and I'm not sure if pineapple-flavoured green tea is allowed on the cleanse. It would’ve been nice to receive a pamphlet or something with more details on what to do and not to do while you're on the cleanse. All in all, I’m proud of myself for making it! I’ve never gone an entire day without eating anything before. Yes I was hungry, tired and even felt a little faint at times, but I think that’s because I skipped a juice and didn’t follow the schedule.

Disclaimer: I received this cleanse for free to review on behalf of TW Magazine back in September but I kept this diary during that time. I was not paid for this review and only took so long to get it up for scheduling reasons. I'll be back tomorrow with Day 2! Make sure you pick up this month's October issue of TW Magazine for details on how to win a free cleanse!


  1. Indeed, "why do we play these games?". Lol

    I went through the same yo-yo game with my body, now I'm back at the gym and eating sensibly, my body is happy again.

    A juice cleanse seems like something that my insides would benefit from.

    Thank you for sharing this post Ify. :-)

  2. I keep saying I want to try the SG Juice Cleanse, but I just haven't gotten around to it. I hope it got better for you. I did a cleanse a couple of years ago and by Day 3 I was slipping into a depression.

    Berry Dakara Blog


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