Hey Guys,

So from the moment we got our itineraries I was most excited about Day 4 – the rest and relaxation day lol. We got to sleep in (a little) and kicked the day off with an afternoon cruise along the Golden Mile, a popular stretch of beachfront in the beautiful city of Durban. SouthAfrican Tourism hooked us up! The yacht was absolutely stunning and they went as far as organising a Nigerian food buffet, playing Nigerian music and masseuses to give us back and feet massages on board - SO necessary after a long evening in heels. I was so so grateful to be a part of this trip, let me tell you.
After that we went to Umlazi,a township and stopped at the Eyadini Lounge for Durban style barbecue called Shisanyama or Braai and Pap. Now the Pap I didn’t mess with but my mouth still waters thinking about that meat. I don’t even like beef but I have to say, it was EVERYTHING. It was juicy, and flavourful and SO much better than suya (don’t kill me)
We got back to our hotel at around 9pm, pumped and ready to celebrate our last night in Durban on the town but after I laid down and tried to get back up I was physically IN PAIN “I need rest!” my body cried out in protest and I decided to stay in. My evening was all about packing, room service and a movie in bed, and can I just say, it was PERFECT.  Again clearly, I’m not as cool as I used to be – lol.

My last time with our group was at breakfast the following morning (I was going to Johannesburg on a later flight) and I was sad to say goodbye to everyone, but happy to finally return to my normal pace of life – don’t get me wrong, this trip was an amazing experience. I met some lovely people and got to do some incredible things but it was very go, go, GO. I’m actually happy I did these recaps a while after I got back, because it’s allowed me to relive everything again and truly appreciate what an awesome opportunity this was.

I’d like to formally thank everyone at South African Tourism for making this all possible. I can’t go on enough about the amount of detail they put into looking after us and making sure we were all happy and well. It’s not an easy job catering to so many people (especially Nigerians) but they handled it with grace and patience and are better people than me because I’d never be able to do their job! If you’d like to plan a trip to South Africa, I’d definitely recommend using their services, they’re the loveliest, most thoughtful team of people I’ve ever met. 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing about your trip with us readers. I think there should be masseuses outside parties and clubs :p

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. WOW! Looks and sounds amazing!
    Was this a blogger collaboration with South African Tourism?
    Or a trip you'd organised yourself and had the pleasure of being catered to by them?


    1. Hiya it was a media/press trip hosted by SA Tourism. I was representing TW magazine

  3. Looks so relaxing, i love being on the water! foot massages? yes please!

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