To All My Non-Believers, guess who?? Two days in a row!! Yup it's me! LMAO

Day Three of our trip kicked off with a snorkelling trip to family-friendly Ushaka Marine World which is pretty much a water park. Now why South African Tourism would plan for a bunch of black girls to go snorkelling on the day of the 2015 MTV Africa Music Awards (that's the MAMAs to you and me lol) is beyond me, but they assured us that we’d find fun things to do in the park even if we weren’t snorkelling – they were right. Ushaka Marine World had a bunch of cute shops and restaurants. So the rest of us ladies did a little shopping, watched a zulu parade for Nelson Mandela Day and had some great cocktails at the Wahooz Restaurant – while we waited for the boys.
Got this  made for about 1 dollar!
Selfie with our SA Tourism Guides
Steph struggling for The Gram lol
The Mandela Day Parade
Afterwards, we went to the Gateway – the largest mall in Durban and I guess now would be the time to say that I think the shopping in Durban is pretty woeful. They have all the shops Zara, Mango, Topshop, that you’d expect to see but their stock was so limited and outdated. (I spent a day in Johannesburg on my way back to Lagos and the shopping in Sandton is 1 million times better). After our “shopping trip” (I literally only bought things from Lush) we went back to our hotel to start getting ready for the MAMAS.
After a long, Lush bath, I sat down and waited for my hairstylist and makeup artist to get to work on me. Here I was, all the way in Durban, South Africa getting ready for the MAMAS. I had never been to an MTV event or an awards show for this matter, how did I get so lucky?? I stepped into this stunning custom-made Okiki Marinho dress and rushed downstairs to catch the last limo to the event (but first a quick mini photo shoot for The Gram LMAO)
I absolutely LOVE this dress

The MAMAs were being held at the Durban International Convention Centre (ICC), and  once I showed my tickets to the bouncers, I was ushered into the arena – which was HUGE. I stopped for free drinks at the Absoult Vodka stand, and made my way into the anti high-heels, 6000-seater hall. As I attempted to tackle the world’s steepest stairs in the dark, I held my breath and prayed “Lord, please don’t let me fall down in front of all these people!” Thankfully I I made it into my seat in one piece and could finally exhale and allow myself to enjoy the show.
Absolut Vodka Bartenders
There are very few moments in this world where being a green passport holder is something to be proud of, but the MAMAs was one of those moments. As we took home award after award (Best Female: Yemi Alade, Best Male: Davido, Best Group: P-Square, Best New Act Transformed by Absolut: Patoranking (Nigeria), I felt very proud to be Nigerian. Our music has clearly made an impact on the Continent and that’s something any Nigerian would be proud to witness firsthand. However, in the midst of the God-praising and fan-thanking acceptance speeches it was nice to hear South African artist, AKA address the elephant in the room in his acceptance speeches – the recent xenophobic attacks against Africans (including but not solely Nigerians). During his acceptance speech for his Best Collaboration award for “All Eyez On Me” featuring Burna Boy, he says “You see what we can do when we come together?” 

A lot of people on social media called us out (and by us I mean the press and more well-known media personalities with me on the trip) for encouraging travel to South Africa so soon after these attacks. I can understand that but as someone who’s frequently visited South Africa I was heartbroken because every South African I’ve ever met has only ever treated me with warmth and kindness. The few conversations I had with locals on these attacks was always met with shame and regret for their fellow men’s actions and I can totally relate – I feel the same way when I hear about Boko Haram attacks on our own people every day. Nonetheless, an event like the MAMAs helps us celebrate what brings us together– and that’s our music. It was beautiful to witness so many colourful performances from our Continent and to be united, even if it was just for the evening.

After the awards show we returned back to the hotel where I got to meet the extremely talented actor OC Ukeje in my hotel lobby.  It was a really fun night!
Me and OC Ukeje

At the Afterparty -Me, Noble, Dotun and Stephanie


  1. Loved the photos and the stories that came with them.

    And your MAMAs dress was gorgeous!

    Berry Dakara Blog

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  2. Your dress is absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. You look stunning and LOL to the snorkelling, i sure would'nt do both activities in one day!


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