I know I know... I'm a bad blogger *covers face in shame* I've missed a good number of posts and I'M SORRY! To be perfectly honest with you, I don't have an excuse, we're all busy and dealing with a bunch of things and when things get hectic for me, the first thing that seems to get neglected is my blog, which is a shame really, because I love doing it. I can't promise that I won't miss some days in the future, but all I ask is that you bear with me, I'll always come back to you eventually:)

So I've retired the red hair... for now! It was such a spontaneous decision for me and I didn't know what to expect but I absolutely LOVED it. I will most definitely be going red again in the (near) future, but for now, I'm back to black! You can't wear a lot of colour, or experiment as much with makeup when you have such statement hair, so I'm looking forward to being able to switch it up a little.

(Skip this paragraph if you're familiar with Nazuri Curls) Nazuri Curls is a company I set up with my friend Yasmin back in 2013. It specialises in providing curly virgin, 100% human hair extensions. We originally set it up to give natural haired ladies an alternative to wearing extensions that wouldn't naturally blend with their own hair but we've since found that women with any hair type - be it relaxed, natural or transitioning can (and have) enjoyed using our extensions. 

Our Curly texture is the loosest curl pattern we offer and it mimics type 3 hair. It's such a gorgeous, baby soft, luxurious texture that it almost makes me just want to sleep on it lol. But what I love most about it is it's sooooo easy to take care of. This hair is literally night and day when compared to our more kinkier textures. Still that's not to say that I don't love the Afro and Kinky curl types or even the Straight, but there's something to be said about not having to detangle and moisturise daily. I use no product at all on this hair. This is the perfect choice for ladies looking for the drama of curly hair without the maintenance hassle. When I tell you that literally wake up, comb this hair and go - I mean it. And you only need to wash it when you feel like the hair needs it. Can I get an "Amen" please?

I'm wearing 3 bundles of hair (1x16" and 2x18") and a 18" lace closure with a middle part. I choose to wear a closure because my natural hair will most definitely NOT blend with this texture without heat and daily manipulation and I don't want to have to deal with that. But it would most definitely blend easier with relaxed or transitioning hair.

I've had my extensions created into a custom wig. By "custom" I mean you can choose your own wig cap size (large for me), wig cap colour (black) and the style of your hair (centre parting, layered) to suit your taste. I don't know any other company that offers that service with as much customisation. The turnaround time for wigs is 10-14 working days for orders in Nigeria but we ship anywhere in the world and this time varies depending on your location.

This exact unit would cost you about ₦145,000 (approximately $710) including the cost of 3 bundles of hair, a closure, custom wig and shipping. If you'd like to find out more about Nazuri Curls or place an order you can do so on our website where you can shop in Naira (and US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros). Oh and I’m offering all my readers a 15% discount to use on any order placed in May with the discount code LOVEIFEYINWA15 so I there's no better time than now to order!

What do you think?

PS: I'm still selling items from my closet over on my Depop. Don't be shy, make me an offer:)


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