Hi Everyone,

I'm a sucker for minimal jewellery, especially rings and small earrings, but I lose them ALL the time so I really can't bring myself to invest in expensive pieces- yet! So I decided to try out Aliexpress one late, lonely night (the most dangerous time for all online shopping addicts lol) and I wanted to share my experience with you in case you were interested in ordering from them.

Aliexpress is pretty much the Chinese version of Amazon and you can get EVERYTHING on there. Considering that almost everything these days is produced in China, there prices are almost impossible to beat and the best thing is they take Nigerian cards and most stores will deliver here too. Now for the downside, delivery via China Air Post takes FOREVER. I placed by order on February 24, 2015 and didn't get it until April 8! You're also going to have to pick up your parcel from your local post office and pay N500 surcharge. Luckily for me, the Lekki Post Office is pretty organised and I was able to get mine in less than 5 minutes. I think some sellers offer delivery through DHL and Fedex that's a lot quicker but way more expensive. 

I ordered from a store called A&A Jewelery who were having a 10% off orders over $30 promotion at the time. Here's what I ordered (the first picture is from the website and the second picture's taken by me)

You can see by comparing the pictures on the site from what I actually got that the pictures were not very accurate. A lot of them looked VERY different from the pictures but nothing was so terrible that I wouldn't ever wear it. All in all the buying process was very easy and besides the waiting time I'd definitely order from Aliexpress again. Best part, I got all of this for $33.28!

What's your favourite item? Have you ever ordered anything from Aliexpress?


  1. I've ordered quite a lot of things (wedding hair clips, roses, water gel, sticker labels, bead making materials, hats, earrings and rings, diaper bag, tealight candles, decorative wall stickers, Make up Case etc) from Aliexpress but gets to me within a Month or 6 weeks in Rivers State and almost all of them are wat u see on Amazon and even Konga at very much affordable prices. My only problem wit some of the Jewelry is the fact that they fade fast but have some pieces dat r still standing the test of time.

  2. Hmmm, not bad. When I ordered something from AliExpress (lace for my cousin's wedding) it got here in less than a week. Well, it got sent by air freight (no cost to me) and to a logistics company in Oshodi. I had to pay them extra to deliver it to me.

  3. Really? They all look exactly like the website pictures to me. I love minimal gold jewelry as well, only thing is they never last, break and start tarnishing. Those rings look like they'll start peeling off very soon which is why I hate buying gold.....but I love gold! lol. Love love love the necklaces!

  4. Delivery normally takes 15 - 18 days for me and I've only ordered rings for now.
    I ordered the last set of rings pictured but they're way too small for my fingers especially the one with the chain.
    I've ordered rings from Aliexpress before but they give off this green thing on my fingers when left for a while and the rings turn "silver" under a week or so.

  5. hey i want to ask u about necklace i buy the same one and after a 5 days tge gold transmit to black pffffff did the same thing happening to you ????


Thank you ♥