I never thought my first chicken and waffles experience would be in Lagos but it was! My friend and I were driving around Lekki looking for food for about 20 minutes. We went over all the obvious options but nothing was calling us (if you know what I mean lol). That's when I remembered I'd read about this place on Berry's blog and Eat Drink Lagos and I thought - hey this will be something different. So off we wen't to Mico's and even though we got there 10 minutes past their closing time (8.10pm to be exact), the owner Michael was kind enough to open up his kitchen for us and let us get some takeaway. 

Now, my first impression of this place is it's tiny. And I don't mean it in a bad way. It's just not the kind of place where I'd personally want to eat in at because if there happened to be any other customers in at the same time as you, you'd probably be able to reach across and pick up a drumstick from their plate - no lie lol. I think they recognise that because I noticed they had a sign offering N150 discounts on takeaway.

My second thought was how incredibly reasonable the food was here's a snapshot of their menu:
I ordered the Mico's Special  and my friend got the pancakes (side eye for ordering pancakes at a waffle house but anyway) our meal came in this cute box with our order, butter, syrup, cutlery - all surprisingly compact but everything was wrapped up in foil, so it didn't make for the prettiest picture but if you'd like to know what it would've looked like all plated up check out the Berry Dakara or Eat Drink Lagos post:
I always stayed away from the combination because it just sounded weird in my head but it was surprisingly delicious. The sweetness of the waffle goes really well with the savouriness of the southern fried chicken. The actual waffle was light and oh so good, so much so that I suspected it might have been frozen or I might just be hating because all the waffles I've had here are either overly sweet and thick (Ice Cream Factory) or taste like eggs (Chocolate Royale). Speaking of which, my friend's pancake tasted like eggs which is a shame because the texture was perfect - thick but light and fluffy. It was still good but no where near as awesome as the waffles were. It'd also be a good time to point out that the chicken was pretty tasty too.

All in all, it was a good meal, and I liked that it was something different. We wolfed it down really quick and were very happy lol. Best part is the entire meal was only N3,700 which included two bottles of water. I will most definitely be back. Or actually, I might try their delivery service next time...

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  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Lol, it IS weird that your first time having chicken and waffles is in Nigeria.

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