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Thank you so much for your feedback on my last 'What I Ate' post. I'm glad you all liked it and I'm looking forward to doing more. However, if you're like me and tend to eat the same sort of things during the week, a series like this can quickly get boring. So I'm going to switch it up and put meals from different days of the week together and post them every other Tuesday. Hope that makes sense:

Quaker Oats So Simple in Apple and Cinnamon, an Orange and Green Sencha Tea

Not much to say about this meal, except that was the driest orange I've ever attempted to eat in my life. I make my oatmeal with soy milk in the microwave - easy peasy. I know this brand isn't the healthiest (there's ALOT of sugar), but its yummy and I get a box of 60 sachets for about N4,000.

Sausage Roll and Pink Lemonade 

Shout out to the homie for putting me on Wilson's Lemonade! Yo, this drink is LIFE! AND it's made in Nigeria!!! The Pink Lemonade one is much better than the original, let me just spare you the trauma of figuring that our for yourself. I paired it with a sausage roll from the bakery in Gravitas supermarket in Lekki. Guess you can call this a cheat meal lol. #sorrynotsorry

Vermicelli stir fry and roast chicken

This was goooood! If I do say so myself lol! I find that vermicelli satisfies my pasta cravings without leaving me feeling heavy and bloated so it's quickly becoming a favourite of mine. Plus it's so easy to cook. Just boil the noodles and mix with some peppers, and onions and any sauce or stew you have laying around and voila!

What did you eat today? 


  1. Ok i need to check out this gravitas supermarket. Did u get d soy milk from there too? And the vermicelli?

    1. Hiya, Gravitas is definitely a hidden gem, you can get vermicelli and soy milk there but I personally get my soy milk from Ebeano because it's the cheapest there - N450 for a pack of Silk

  2. That vermicelli ramping up the hunger I've been trying to ignore :(

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