Hi Guys,

So I'm back with more Mac lipsticks! I thought it'd be cool to show you my red lipsticks while I still had red hair (I know I know lol). Unfortunately, the pictures of me wearing the lipsticks didn't come out too great. Without flash the pictures came out blurry, with flash they all the lipsticks looked overly exposed and the same colour. I tried to play with the settings on my camera for over an hour and just couldn't figure it out Aaargh! Thankfully the swatches came out pretty good. 

L-R Viva Glam A80, Sin, Riri Woo, Ruby Woo, Russian Red, MAC Red
L-R Viva Glam A80, Sin, Riri Woo, Ruby Woo, Russian Red, MAC Red

Viva Glam A80 (Matte) :I forgot I had this, I think I must've got this about 5/6 years ago when I first got into lipstick and thought my lips had to be red all the time lol

Sin (Matte): Sin is a vampy dark red, and I absolutely loveeeee it! I just picked it up 2 weeks ago from the Bauty Cook Studio in Lekki for N3,800 - steal. This and Film Noir are my go-to lipstick colours with my hair this colour.

Riri Woo (Retro Matte): This lipstick was a gift, I never would've bought it myself since I think it's pretty much identical to Riri Woo and even drier. Not a fan. I remember wishing I had got Heaux instead at the time lol

Ruby Woo (Matte): There's not too much I can say about this, every person seems to have it and love it and I'm no exception.

Russian Red (Matte): This is the red I reach for the most in my collection. It's matte but not overly dry and I feel like this shade suits my skin tone the most.
MAC Red (Satin): Fun fact, the Mac Red was my first ever Mac lipstick that I bought for my 18th birthday - crazy right? Couldn't believe I even still had this. 

I've been leaning towards darker lipsticks and nudes for a while now, so must of these lipsticks haven't actually been worn in YEARS. I had a lot of fun strolling down memory lane/wondering if I need to throw some of these out lol... What are your favourite red lipsticks?

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  1. I like red lipsticks. I think a red lip is a classic look. And even with minimal or no makeup on, a red lip always looks like you made an effort.

  2. Wow! I'm always intrigued at people's used lipstick shapes
    How is it so rounded? lol...yes, I'm weird
    Not a fan of reds...still on the hunt for my perfect first as the burgundy and vampy ones I own surely can't count lol....or is that just my excuse to shop shop shop?

    (BOOK GIVEAWAY still on! -

  3. You can't go wrong with Red!
    Nice collection you got!
    Love me some russian red and the ever classic Ruby woo.



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