I'm very reluctant to try new perfumes normally, I know what fragrances I like and I generally don't like to deviate from them. So when my mom got this for me for Christmas I was grateful, but I had no idea if I would like it. I just opened it last week and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the bottle it's made with a thick glass, lovely quality and I love the colors - I'm all about neutrals. The fragrance itself is a light floral, musky, slightly powder-y fragrance. It's very sensual which I love but what I hate about it is it doesn't last very long at all. It's too soft for my liking and a few hours after I spray it on I can hardly smell it - not impressed for an EDP. All in all, I think if you're able to keep it with you and re-spray it every few hours it's a gorgeous scent.

Speaking of scents, I'm giving away a brand new Polo Supreme Oud men's fragrance so enter here. What's your favourite perfume?


  1. fav perfume would have to be valentina by valentino

    1. Will have to look out for that one!


Thank you ♥