Hi Loves!

I hope you all had great Valentine's Days and if you didn't at least all the chocolate and roses should be discounted now so you can get yourself a few half-price treats (no shame right? Lol) Well in the spirit of the holidays I decided to do something very out there (for me) and dye my hair (and by my hair I mean my wig) BRIGHT red! I've always wanted to dye my hair an outrageous colour and especially now that I work in media and can technically "get away" with such things I decided to just go for it.

This isn't really a tutorial because I've had so many hair dyeing tutorials on my blog (check them out here, and here) and the technique I use is the same. But I'll quickly explain what  I did for you. The hair I used is Brazilian loose wave hair I got over a year ago. It's the same hair I was wearing here at the L'Oreal Blogger event. I chopped off about 8 inches of it and bleached it twice. I used the Trulites Rapid Blue powder bleach and Truzone 30 volume developer I got in London. The first time I left the bleach on for about 15 minutes and it lifted to a dark blonde. Then I dried the hair and repeated the process and left the bleach on for another 20 minutes to get it to a golden blonde (I wanted my hair to be really bright!) Then I washed the bleach out and towel-dried the hair.

The next step was to saturate the hair in the Crazy Colour semi-permanent hair dye. I used 2 full bottles of the the colour Cyclamen that I bought from Ebeano Supermarket, Lekki for N750 each. I left the dye in the hair overnight and rinsed it out with cold water the next  morning. Then I applied some Tresemme Naturals conditioner to the hair for about 5 minutes then rinsed it out. I let the hair dry outside (you don't want pink water dripping everywhere!) And voila! I was done. 

Now this is a big change for me and I was pretty nervous to wear it out but I have for a few days now and I'm really loving the colour so far. It's very vibrant and I think it's a fun look to rock if you're feeling brave. Here are a few behind the scenes pictures.

What do you think?


  1. I love it ! I have always wanted to try out orange and this has just inspired me to go ahead and do it!


    1. Go for it! It's just hair right? :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks hunny! Check out my linked post, all the hair details are there x


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