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Today I had the opportunity to have my hair styled at the Apples & Oranges Salon in Victoria Island. Since I went natural I can count the number of times I've gone to a salon since I mainly do my hair myself. But it's always nice to have a little bit of pampering and a professional touch once in a while.

The first thing I noticed when I got to the salon was how nice it was. Everything was bright and clean which is a big plus for me. Remi at the front desk was kind enough to give me a tour and this place is huge! They have two salon rooms, a barbershop, make-up studio, a separate kid's salon, nail section, pedicure station and a full spa upstairs. Their spa has a room for couples massages, a dermatology office for skin testing and consultations, a sauna and a hamman bath! (I got my first hamman experience in Gambia and I literally still fantasize about it). Sigh... #takemeback
After my tour I was ushered into the Braids & Weaves section which I was told was the section for natural hair. Very shortly after I sat down, the stylist Joy began to detangle my hair. Test 1. She wet my hair in eight small sections, and used a wide tooth comb to detangle from tip to root. When she was done with each section she twisted it up. Test 1, passed:) After this she washed my hair with my favorite Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus shampoo (by the way you have to pay N3,000 extra for sulphate-free shampoo here which I think is ridiculous but anyway...)

After my hair was washed, the Head Stylist Ken came to begin styling my hair. Oh right, I might as well mention here that all this was for a photoshoot. So I didn't have much choice over my hairstyle. But it turned out Ken wanted to do an updo on me which I was perfectly happy with. Ken used very minimal heat during the styling process but a lot of gel. But you know what I appreciated? Right after the shoot he insisted that I wash my hair again to get rid of it. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but if you're used to Nigerian customer service, you'll know why I was shocked.

Anyways, so back to the hairstyling process. Ken did this for me:
And no, it's not all my hair lol. I really liked the way it came out. Not so much the flat-twist on the side but the back of it is so cool. Normally an updo like this would cost N7,000 without the extensions and N12,000 with the extensions. FYI I used about a pack of the Supreme Kinky hair.

I literally could not stop laughing when I saw the names of some of the braiding styles though. Clop? Etisalat?? Rice & Beans?? Watermelon?! WTH!
I took down a few prices of some of their services (thank me later:)
  • Hair & Scalp Analysis - Free
  • Washing (with sulphate shampoo) - N2,000
  • Washing (with sulphate-free shampoo)  - N5,000
  • Deep Conditioning (Salon Kit) - N3,000
  • Full Highlights - N4,000+
  • Weave-on - N5,000
  • Straighten Natural hair - N4,000
  • Bantu Knot Outs/Braid Outs/Twist Outs - N4,000
They serve food here too. I got a chicken sandwich and a freshly-squeezed orange juice for N2,200. Sorry I wolfed it down before I could take a picture (it was a long day lol) but it was good. I noticed some other people had some issues with their stylists but I was really lucky, all of mine were nice and seemed very knowledgeable on how to treat natural hair. (Shout out to Faith who stayed late to put my Nazuri extensions back in after the shoot!) I'd definitely recommend Apples & Oranges. 

Have you been here? Which natural hair salons would you recommend in Lagos?


  1. The hairstyle is beautiful!!! Honestly, I've steered clear of A&O for hair styling because it just seems like all they do are twists and cornrows - which are just not my thing. I also think it's ridiculous to charge N3000 extra for a sulfate free shampoo. You might as well save that money and buy your own shampoo.

    For me, my top natural hair salon experiences have been at KL's Naturals and O'Naturals (they did my bridal hair). I check out others every now and then, but if I really want to pamper my hair, they are my top choices.

    I might have to buy some kinky hair o. I want a protective style done this weekend on loose hair, that can last at least 2 weeks!

    Apart from the hair, your makeup looks really nice too!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thank you!! When they told me it was N3,000 extra first thing I asked was how much the shampoo was! Lol. They need to change that for real. I still haven't been to KLS or O'Naturals but I've heard great things about both. This year for sure! And thank you about the makeup, Onyinye from Zaron hooked it up x

  2. I was at Apples & Oranges this past weekend to get my hair relaxed. Was very impressed with the way the stylist concentrated the relaxer on just the roots. Although, I got a sense HE felt he knew what to do with my hair, than I did. 'Pushy Stylists' I do not like, but I politely let him know I knew what I was doing.

    All in all, a much better experience that most salons I've been to round these parts, going back in next weekend for a deep-conditioning treatment. Perhaps after that I can type up a review.

    1. I feel you on 'Pushy Stylists', I always humor them then politely let them know I know what works for MY hair lol. Luckily everyone I dealt with was nice though. I will definitely go back to Apples & Oranges though, I was impressed x

  3. nice looking salon, a lil bit too pricy for me...
    you look beautiful btw.

  4. 3,000 extra to wash with sulfate free shampoo and I don't get to take the bottle home? LOL madness.

    Your updo is really beautiful! :) & I went to K.L's Naturals once, and I liked it.

  5. I am planning on using KL for my big chop in June. Hopefully she is affordable.

  6. Been going to Apples and Oranges Natural Hair Salon for the past 11 months after so many bad experiences with my natural hair with so many salons and I am very very impressed. To be fair, they advice you to buy your products Taliah Waajid, Shea Moisture, Miss Jessies etc from their retail section or Pay 3000 naira extra to use the entire line for your hair. This is inclusive of Shea Moiture Shampoo, Conditioner, detangler, leave in and Oil Elixir. This in my view is not a bad price as the entire bottles each range don't come cheap either. They also now have big jar of Sulphate Free Shampoo and conditioner for 1500 extra as an option. I like the fact that they give value for money and have a lot of quality products such as bentonite clay, ayurvedic products and oils.... Most importantly is that you see over alot of staff well trained to handle my hair and am in and out in few minutes. Yes you are correct..Joy is great but I have 4 others Natural Hair stylist that do a better Updo and suggest alternative styling options and not just twists! I have been to almost all the Natural Hair Salons. Apples and Oranges remains my Number 1 Natural Hair salon in Lagos because of the quality of products used and number of technically qualified employees.

  7. I usually go there for my haircuts, Mani/pedicure and massage. I enjoy their services.

  8. I make my hair at Apples and Oranges and trust me, they do a great job. My hair was in a very bad state for a long time, i visited apples and oranges about a year ago and they really helped me. They have several professional stylist and several varieties of natural hair products that made the texture of my hair as good as it is today.


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