I've always heard that your twenties are for discovering who you are. And as I approach my 28th birthday I've been doing a lot of soul searching into who I am and what I truly want for myself and for my life. In the past few years of my life especially I have had some of the highest highs and lowest lows that have really made me question everything. And when I say everything, I mean that - who do I want to be? What do I want to do with my life? What kind of wife do I want to be? What kind of husband do I need? What kind of mother will I be? What is the purpose of MY life? Questions that I believe you can only answer with God.

I've always wanted to have a better relationship with God. And I use the term "better" but in reality, the truth is I had no real relationship up until a year and a half ago. I was raised in a Christian family but a lot of my faith was practised because that's what I was expected to do, and I didn't want to upset my mother (who is the most spiritual person I know) But a few years ago, I found myself in a pretty low place in my life where I was questioning the point of it all. And like most people do when life gets too much for them to handle, I turned to God. I'd like to tell you that it's been a steady progression since then but the truth is, it hasn't. Like most changes, they take a while to stick, but one thing I am eternally grateful for is that God doesn't give you a finite number of chances. He doesn't hold how many times you mess up against you. No matter how many times you fall, or make the same mistakes, He's always there to accept you and take you back in when you're ready to try again.

I've always run away from the idea of being a "good Christian" because I just believed that it would mean a life of restriction. I didn't want to stop having fun or become one of those "holier than thou" church people that can't seem to shut up about how good God is. But now that my eyes have opened I've learned that that was just a way for the devil to keep me away from the truth. Think of yourself as a little kid, and how many times your parents told you what to do or what not to do. Sure as a child, you probably believed your parents were horrible people out to ruin your life but now with hindsight and maturity, you know that all those rules were for your benefit, to keep you safe, and ultimately because they loved you and wanted what was best for you. And that's the same way our relationship with God is. Now that I'm learning more about Him, and through that learning more about myself, I realise how good He is - and I want to share that with everyone too! I've become one of those people! Lol.

I don't know God anywhere near as well as I would like to, but there are so many tools to help. For instance, your church's bible study programs, reading plans on the Bible app, engaging in everyday conversation with people on similar journeys, and just spending alone time speaking and praying to God. Another cool thing I did was seek out a mentor. Well in all honesty, I didn't seek her, our paths just crossed and we connected. And that in itself is a blessing because I really admire and respect her, and most importantly she knows God and I trust her to advise me.

I had my first official meeting with her earlier this week and it honestly was the most therapeutic thing I've ever done. Sometimes you need a completely neutral person to show you the patterns you've developed (some of which you've done subconsciously) and I realised how some of the things I've been through in my life have shaped my character and ultimately the person that you see today. Without getting too deep, let's just say that it was a very revealing 2-hour conversation. 

The truth is, we are all works in progress. Each one flawed in one way or another, and some more broken than others. But no matter what we've been through there is solace and comfort to be found from the Lord. It truly is just a matter of accepting Him and allowing Him to change you and make you a better person. We're all like onions with a layer upon layer to get to the core of who we truly are, and that process can take a lifetime truly, but God is leading us onto a path of perfection and that's nothing short of incredible. 


What's up people!

If you follow me on Instagram (@loveifeyinwa) you'll know I got braids recently and I love them! What you might not know though is that I hate getting braids. The process takes too long, it's painful (for the first 3 days), your hair gets yanked in every direction and then when the braids fall out (one of my biggest pet peeves) your hair comes out with it. Still after one month of wearing my hair out, I knew I needed to step my protective style game up. After a bunch of back and forth, (I wanted something that: wasn't a wig, versatile and easy to style, gives me access to my scalp and low maintenance) I decided to go for box braids.

My cousin Uju is one of the first people I knew to go natural and her braids are always on FLEEK so I made an appointment with her (now my) braider. Before she came I prepared my own natural hair for the braids and my extensions too. Preparing my own hair is probably nothing new to you guys- I washed it, moisturised and sealed, and twisted it up into about 15 sections and left it to air-dry. (If I had enough time I would have banded my hair aka African threading. I tried that the first time a few weeks ago and the results were awesome! But I need at least 2 days for my hair to dry completely)
That's not a blow dry!
Preparing my extensions however might be a little unorthodox. Now you know about my scalp issues thanks to my allergic reaction. Ever since then, I've been overly cautious about anything that could potentially irritate my scalp. I read up about apple cider vinegar (ACV) washes for synthetic, kanekelon extensions and I wanted to try it. Why you might ask? To remove the alkaline coating on the extensions which most people that are allergic to synthetic hair, react to. The alkaline coating can cause dryness, itchy scalp and for some people even white bulbs and pus to appear on the scalp. ACV also balances the pH level and is excellent for clarifying. Better safe than sorry, I was sold!

To rinse your extensions in ACV is extremely easy guys. You just fill up a bucket with enough warm water to cover your hair and add one cup of ACV for every 2-3 packs of hair. I used 6 packs of Expressions braiding hair and this entire 453ml jar of ACV (N950 at Ebeano supermarket). Line up all the extensions and tie a hairband around the two ends and the middle to keep the extensions together and prevent tangling once they're wet. I soaked the extensions in the water and ACV, for 30 minutes (that gross white film is the alkaline coating). 
Immediately after soaking
35 minutes later
After I rinsed the hair I filled the bucket with clean water and added about two capfuls of Tresseme shampoo and let it soak for 2 minutes. Then I rinsed out the shampoo and repeated the process but with conditioner. I let the hair soak in conditioner for 5 minutes before finally rinsing out and letting air dry outside. The total process took about 45 minutes. Now you might say thats "long" but once my braider got to my house the first thing she commented on was how soft and smooth the extensions were. I personally noticed (and loved) how nice they smelled! I hate that sickly, chemically, 'new braid' smell. So I'd say it was worth it.

The braiding process was pretty normal. My braider took 6 hours which was pretty good considering she worked alone. She was also pretty gentle, she didn't ask to blow-dry my natural hair (another pet peeve) and she respected my wishes to not make the braids tight and to leave my baby hair ALONE! Lol. She charged me N5,000 (I bought my own extensions) and all in all, I love this look and hope I can keep them in for a month!

What do you think? Have you ever tried an ACV wish on extensions? And how much do you pay for your braids? 



Like most naturalistas, I admit I am moisture-biased. All my shampoos and conditioners are for dry hair, all my deep conditioners are for moisture, and my hair mantra is "moisturise and seal!" But moisture is only half of what our hair needs. There's a whole other realm that exists out there called PROTEIN that I've completely ignored because "natural hair's strong enough" right? Wrong!!! Protein is the building blocks of our hair and makes up over 90% of our hair's molecules. Protein treatments are known to strengthen our hair follicles so if your hair's prone to breakage, weak or sheds like crazy, protein could be your missing link! This is also a good treatment to do when you're preparing your hair for additional stress like braids or a weave.

So in my bid to be a better natural haired girl, I've decided to inject protein into my hair diet once a month. I've started out with this all-natural, light protein mask and I loved the result. I figured I'd share it with you.
Originally this mask was going to have just one banana and one avocado but once  I had a little nosey around my kitchen I decided to add a few more ingredients:
  • Banana*- packed with vitamins A, B, C and E, potassium and tryptophan (a rich amino acid). Bananas soften hair, improve hair’s manageability by loosening curls, and strengthen weak, dry, brittle or damaged hair.
  • Avocado* - high in vitamins B (essential for hair growth) and E (work at the cellular level to protect and strengthen hair and repair any scalp damage on the scalp, which may slow or prevent hair growing). Avocados also improve the condition of your hair by acting as a moisturiser for dry or damaged hair.
  • Egg - Rich in Vitamin A (helps in the production of sebum which works to cure dandruff), D (promotes hair growth) and E. Eggs also strengthen and condition hair and makes your hair shiny.
  • Mayonnaise (1/2 tbsp) – Contains natural lubricants as well as  L-cysteine--an amino acid and powerful antioxidant found in eggs that can give your hair strength, shine and structure.
  • Coconut Oil (3tbps)- has sooooo many beauty benefits and uses but in particular, it’s a great conditioner because it contains vitamin E, can promote growth, and is able to bind to the natural protein structure of the hair. reinforcing the hair fiber, making it stronger and reduces breakage. Coconut oil also fights against dandruff.

*the riper the better

Just throw everything into a blender, add a little bit of water and blitz it up. I also strained it to get rid of any little chunks of avocado and banana but in the end that was unnecessary - the mix was really smooth as you can see and smells like banana pudding:

Section your hair into about 6-8 twists to make it easier to distribute the mixture. Working on one section at a time, unravel the twist and work the mixture throughout your hair, starting at your scalp. Then pull downward with your fingers over the hair strands to ensure that they are coated, and massage each section. Repeat until your whole head has been saturated.I left it on overnight (with a plastic shower cap and two scarves and the mix still seeped through onto my pillow lol so I think cling film would be better for next time). You could just leave this on for an hour if you don't have enough time. But make sure you don't use any heat with this mask (you don't want to cook the eggs!)
The next morning I rinsed the mixture out (use cold water to prevent cooking the eggs and to seal your cuticles) and my hair felt really good. I washed with a non-sulphate shampoo and detangled with conditioner. Then I tried out African banding for the first time, I used this YouTube tutorial
My first African Threading result
My hair was super shiny and I noticed there was litleraly less than half shed hair than normal during my detangling process. I absolutely loved the result of this mask. The only thing I wouldn't do again is sleep with it in because it soaked into by pillow and that was a pain trying to get out. But perhaps I could try again with a plastic bag over my pillow? Hmmm...

Try it out and let me know what you think! What are your favourite protein treatments?


If you follow me (@loveifeyinwa) or AJALI (@shopajali) on Instagram you'll know by now that I've been working like an insane person on the AJALI Grand Opening. You guys have been following my journey since the launch in 2013, to when I won the 'Best Made in Nigeria' award in 2014 (I can't believe I didn't do a post on this SMH) to now. I never ever thought I'd be opening a store, much less a holistic spa but I am BEYOND excited and so grateful to God for making it possible. 

It has been a LOOOOOONG and expensive road let me tell you, but we made it! It's finally ready and will be opening this Sunday, November 1 2015. The packaging has been given a much needed facelift, I've introduced a few new products and it'll be a good opportunity to come by, experience what the brand is all about and pick up some products!

This event is completely free but please RSVP here or via email ( to confirm your attendance (just so I have an idea of how many small chops to order lol)

For any enquiries contact:
11B Tokunbo Omisore
Lekki Phase One
Lagos, Nigeria
Telephone: +234 (0) 817 891 9385
Instagram/Twitter: @shopajali

Thanks in advance for all your support! And I'll be doing a post of the entire remodelling/renovating project next month so hopefully you'll find that interesting too.


Day 4
09.00am – It’s 9 o'clock and I haven’t received my juice yet… Good think I have that extra Pick me Up from last night. I notice it doesn’t taste the same though, it also settles, so its darker on the bottom and lighter on the top.

10.00am – My juices arrive at 10am to my office. The Simply Green team is super friendly and was gracious enough to re-route my delivery to my office after I explained to them I had already left home. I get started on my Cleanse Intense

11.00am – Second Cleanse intense goes down pretty easy.

1.00pm – I’m feeling the odd hunger pain here and there but I think it’s safe to say my body has adjusted to this juice cleanse now. I’m able to go about my regular work day with no major issues except for the frequent trips to the bathroom.

3.00pm – Feeling really hungry today… I realise that this is around that time of the month when my PMS kicks in and I want to eat EVERYTHING! Oh dear.. I keep sipping on my Cleanse Intense and try to ignore my hunger. I don’t have any cravings though. I always crave chocolate around this time of the month so this is especially interesting.

5.00pm – My first Pick Me Up of the evening goes down well and it’s giving me a boost of energy. I always wondered why it was called Pick Me Up lol. Simply Green just delivered my last batch of juices for Day 5!!!

8.00pm – I made it! Bring on the Last Day!

Day 5
9.00am – It’s my FINAL Day and luckily I won’t be at work today but there’s A LOT I need to do so I won’t be able to keep my juices chilled all day.. Guess I’ll be putting this cooler bag to the test.

11.00am – My second Cleanse Intense was kept chilled in my cooler bag. Chugged it down between bank runs.

1.00pm- Just snapped at the hairdressers, I think all the running around combined with traffic and not eating has gotten it.

03.00pm – Ran back home to get my last green juice!

05.00pm – Sipped on my Pick Me Up while I got my nails done.

07.00pm – I can’t believe I made it, 5 WHOLE DAYS without eating anything. I didn’t cheat ONCE!! I’m very proud of myself. Like I said it was a mental thing for me. I was able to do something I never thought I could do, curb my cravings and I feel like I’ve completely changed my eating habits too. 

Post Cleanse Thoughts
Now that the cleanse is over, I have mixed feelings about whether I would do it again. On the plus side

  • I felt lighter and had lost 2kg!
  • I felt more energetic and less moody
  • I had some of my best night's sleep on this cleanse. I think it has to do with sleeping on an empty stomach.
  • I had a massive sense of accomplishment. I'm so proud I did this!
Cons (slightly TMI)
  • I was very bloated and gassy throughout the cleanse
  • My stomach looked engorged and felt hardened 
  • I suffered from constipation. It took nearly a week after the cleanse before my bowel movements regularised
  • I was very hangry towards the end of the cleanse

All in all, I have mixed feelinga about juice cleanses. I'm not sure how sustainable they are for weight loss (I gained everything I lost pretty quickly after the cleanse) but I think it's great for a quick reset. I'd advise doing it during a time when your body can rest as opposed to when I did mine! I think I would do this again but only for 3 days - it's perfect for a quick reset and the service at Simply Green makes it so easy to do something like this. If you'd like your chance to win a free 3-day cleanse from Simply Green, visit