So after years of dealing with smudged pencil eyeliner and gloopy liquid eyeliner I'm FINALLY venturing into the world of gel eyeliner. This purchase is all thanks to Ezinne from Beauty in Lagos. I'd been contemplating which brand to try when I stumbled on her post. When I read about how great she thought it was and that it was only N2,300, I ran to Palms Shopping Mall to get me some. I initially went to pick up the black (77) but the sales assistant (who made me smile the entire time and was coincidentally called Happiness) had used the brown color (90) to fill in her eyebrows and I thought it looked great.  

I looked around the store and I was very impressed with the quality and prices of Inglot's makeup. I'll definitely be adding a few more of their items to my collection. Are you a fan of Inglot makeup? What would you recommend for me to try?


  1. I like their lipsticks. So I would recommend that. Eyeshadows and blushes are also very pigmented.

    1. Thanks for that Unoma, I will have to try out some more of their products, I've been loving their gel eyeliners


Thank you ♥