Have you read Gone Girl?! If you haven't please do yourself a favor and get it NOW! I literally could not cope with all the twists and turns, my poor heart is still recovering lol. Without giving too much away, Gone Girl is told from the perspective of husband and wife, Nick and Amy Dunne. On paper they have what would seem to be a happy marriage but all that is quickly unravelled when Amy mysteriously disappears leaving Nick as the key suspect of her murder. I never thought I'd like suspense and thriller novels but this book is written in such a clever way that you literally find yourself so invested in the characters to the point where you HAVE to know what happens. The twists and turns are (for me at least) unlike any story I've read before and it has a really interesting ending. I know it's been made into a film featuring Ben Affleck but I haven't seen it yet. I will soon though! Definitely! Have you read Gone Girl or seen the movie? What did you think? I'm so sad I'm done reading it now.. What will I do now? FML


  1. Alrighty....Maybe I will go find that book...lol...Hello mami...

    Tibs Tells Tales

  2. Now that I've read your review, I am quite giddy with anticipation and I will look for this book, thanks! :-)

  3. hi, jst 'discovered' ur blog, hvn't read d book but i dnt tink ders a beta writer than dan brown *sigh, dat man jst kills me wit suspence

    1. Dan Brown's good but trust be you need to read Gone Girl.

  4. I watched the movie, that should do...lol


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