Day 2 in Tokyo kicked off with some classic tourist behavior, traditional kimono dressing. An instructor gave us some background history behind kimonos and showed us how to they were tied - I was amazed by how intricate the process was. After that we got to try some on and take pictures. The kimonos were stunning, I was so sad to take mine off. Lol.

The kimono dressing ended at 3.30pm which seems to be an odd time for lunch in Tokyo because all the local restaurants were closed until 5pm. I was so determined to find some food I ventured away from my group and after about 40 minutes I wandered into a Mexican restaurant in Marounocuhi (the business part of Tokyo think The City in London). Now I can already hear you saying who goes for Mexican food in Japan? Lol I thought that too but at this point I was starving. I ordered a (mediocre) quesadilla and some (amazing) sangria for 2000 Yen ($20) and decided to explore the area. Afterwards I caught the metro (I'm a pro now) back to my hotel. 

So far the people here have been lovely. Language is a huge barrier but I've picked up a few phrases and I've found that they help with a lots of sign language and pointing. Its been an adventure! 

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  1. Looks gorge!!! I've always wanted to visit Tokyo...looking forward to seeing more pictures from your trip!


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