Happy October everyone! 

I hope you enjoyed your break. I for one spent the most part of yesterday catching up on my TV shows and Wendy Williams in bed. Around 6pm I decided to make something of my life so I took a shower and washed and steamed my hair (which I really have been neglecting badly lately) Anyway, it was the perfect mid-week pick me up. I feel like I've been burning the candle at both ends lately so I really needed to do nothing.. How did you spend your Independence Day?

In my Superdrug Haul post I mentioned that I would be dyeing my Nazuri Curls Kinky Straight extensions. I wanted to go a little lighter for the summer and decided to bleach the ends for an ombre effect. 

Here's what I used:
Trulites Rapid Blue Powder Bleach, Truzone Cream Developer vol 30, Foil Strips, A Wide Tooth COb, Scissors, Dye Brush, a mixing Bowl AND GLOVES (not pictured but so important!)

So this was my first time trying blue bleach. I really had never heard about it but the woman in the hair shop told me it's supposed to work faster than white bleach and help tone down brassiness. Sounded good to me so I went on to try it. I mixed the bleach and developer in a non-metal bowl until I got a creamy consistency.

So the process is really simple. The foil strips help trap the heat in and make the bleach work faster. I started by applying the bleach to the last 2-3 inches of each piece of hair. Once I was done with all the hair, I went back and took the bleach up higher up the hair to about another 4-5 inches. Then I used a wide tooth non-metallic comb to comb the bleach through the hair. This helps to blend the bleach so you don't have a stark line of demarcation between the first and second portions. It also makes sure the bleach is evenly distributed.

Then I rinsed the bleached out after 20 minutes and washed with a sulphate-free shampoo.

Even before I finished rinsing the bleach out I knew I had over-processed my extensions. Turns out using such a high volume developer with blue powder bleach was a bad move. The hair felt dry and looked really brassy - fail:( However, the good thing about hair mistakes is (most times) they can be fixed. I washed the hair twice with the purple shampoo I showed you in my Superdrug Haul. This helped to get the brassiness out and tone the color down. After that I used the Pantene Colour Rescue Masque (also shown in my haul) and left it on the hair overnight. In the morning I washed it out and was instantly so much happier. The color was gorgeous and my hair felt really soft.

All in all, the process took a while but mainly because I had to fix the issues I had. I still have to treat the hair with the hair masque every week but you wouldn't have this issue if you stuck to the conventional white bleach and a gentler developer.

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Thank you ♥