Hi Guys,

I'm going to start off my saying I don't really like animals. The funny thing is, I never realized this until I was asked to take my cousins to the zoo. Don't get me wrong, I love a cute puppy or a dolphin as much as the next person but the idea of walking around the ZSL London Zoo in Regent's Park for a few hours watching animals scratch themselves and holding my breath every time I got a whiff of something foul (which happened often) didn't really appeal to me. Nonetheless, I was was persuaded to go and I took pictures for any of you who may like this sort of thing. Truth be told, it wasn't too bad lol

I developed a soft spot for giraffes on this visit clearly. What are your favorite animals and what do you think about zoos?

PS: This is the last post from what I got up to while I was in London, I hope you've enjoyed my 'Summer in London' posts on The Perfect Day and Food Festival in Battersea Thanks for reading:)


  1. I like animals (in theory)
    They all look beautiful, especially that Tiger.
    The snake's head is interesting, like he has a small set of teeth. :)

  2. Ewww, after I saw the snake, I just skipped to the comments section. I don't like animals either and snakes are the worst!!!

  3. that snake nooooooo.....Thats from jazzmine that song

  4. Seems everyone else spotted the Jazmine Sullivan lyric reference lol


  5. Haha! Sorry about the snake everyone. I actually thought it looked pretty cool.

  6. i absolutely despise snakes but i thought the snake picture was a good capture! My favorite animals are elephants and dogs, love them, my spirit animal is a butterfly.


Thank you ♥