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Guess who's finally back in Lagos and still very much reminiscing about her holiday - me!!! Lol. On August 16th I went to my very first food festival, Feast at the beautiful Battersea park. I went with a bunch of friends and had an amazing time trying out food from all over the world. I started off with arepas a Venezuelan street food which is a flat bread made of maize flour topped with different meats. The taste and consistency of the arepas reminded me of garri - not the most pleasant thing. The next stop for me was a chicken masa dosa, a fermented pancake made from rice batter and black lentils from southeast Asia. The lady that made them was so lovely and threw in some coconut chutney and salad for free but I had one bite and passed it on to my friends. I'm not the biggest fan of these gritty pancake bases clearly. My next stop (where I had my favorite dish of the day) was the Greek kebab stand where I got a lamb kebab - OMG, the lamb was so beautiful and the tzatiki was to die for. Still drooling about this and its been nearly a month! At the Cypriot kebab stand I finally tried halloumi - which note to vegetarians, tastes nothing like chicken! I also finally got to try siapao - a steamed pork dumpling from Thailand that I hear about all the time from Benji on itsJudyslife. Had it with some sweet chili sauce and it was alright, but the salt and pepper squid at that stand was way better. 

I need to give a shout out to the best drinks on the day. The Harry Bromptom's London Ice Tea was sooooo good. I love iced tea it's one of my all time favorite drinks but I'd never had alcoholic iced tea before which seems like such a simple obvious idea right? It was really refreshing after all the food and delicious. The Thunder Toffee Vodka was such a hit, probably because they had ice col£1 shots lol. For desserts, I was pretty underwlemed with the selection (and probably just too full at this point). We decided to sample some churros at the Mexican stand which was really a thin fried donut and an acai pudding thing - both I wouldn't be in a  hurry to try again to be honest.  

If you're thinking about going to a food festival here are a few tips. First of all look for tickets on money-saving sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. We found an offer of 40% off entry tickets for groups of 4 so we paid about £9 each instead of £15. Each stall sold food for about £6 -10 which quickly adds up when you want to sample a lot of different things like I did. Luckily because I was with friends we decided to get everything split into smaller portions that way we could share, save money and have more room to try out more things. Bring a bottle of water! And lastly before you do anything have a look around all the stalls first and start off with the ones that look the most popular. The boys were really keen to try out the Gaucho BBQ stand (me not so much) so we put it off till the end when they had almost sold out of meat! I never would've heard the end of it if they had missed out so I'm thankful they were able to satisfy their inner carnivores lol. Have you ever been to a food festival? If you have which ones and what tips would you recommend?

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