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(L-R) Elf Eyeshadow Collection in Neutral, Elf Eyeshadow Collection in Smoky, Coenzyme Q10 Facemasks (2), Collagen Face Mask (3), BB Face Mask (2), Black Gold Henna, Vaseline Blue Seal in Baby and Original, Dark & Lovely Color Intensity Hair Dye in Dazzling Brown, Dark & Lovely Moisture Plus Olive Oil Moisturiser, Dark & Lovely Anti-Breakage Healing Treatment, Sundown Naturals Hair Skin & Nails (2), Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion, Salex Metered Saline Spray, Doo Gro MegaThick Growth Oil, Love & Beauty Sheep Lip Gloss in Purple, Estee Lauder Tiger Eye Shimmer Lipstick , Estee Lauder Hot Kiss Shimmer Lipstick

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I hit 100,000 page views on by blog today! This is a huge deal for me because I set up my blog just under two years ago and I never ever thought I'd still be blogging now. Or that anyone would ever read it, but actually (to my amazement and surprise) more and more people read my blog every day. I really enjoy doing this so your support means so much to me. I'll be giving away all TWENTY items pictured above to a very lucky reader as my way of saying thank you. 

To win all you have to do is:

  1. Follow me @loveifeyinwa on Instagram and Twitter
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling me what item you're most excited to win and why. (Make sure you include your Instagram and Twitter handles in your comment so I can check that you're following my accounts)
  3. To avoid spam only one comment per person will be accepted but for extra entries go follow @shopajali and @nazuri curls Instagram and Twitter accounts too
This giveaway is open internationally!!!

Giveaway winner be selected randomly in 2 weeks on June 30th 2014. Good luck:)

Update - Congratulations to oma_mizflawless !


  1. If I win, I would be most excited about winning the Sundown Naturals Hair Skin & Nails because I'm trying to get more healthy and I think the pills would help my hair since I don't eat very healthy or drink as much water as I'm supposed to. Everything else looks great to win too =) Twitter and Instagram is @MomosMoment

  2. I would love to win the Collagen Face Masks. I'm not to happy about the state of my face. Lots of little rashes and some acne :( I believe this would help. I really want everything else too ;) Twitter and Instagram @beautygeekng

  3. WHA?!?!?!? I want to win! I'll brb.

  4. I am most excited about the Elf Eyeshadow Collection in Neutral, Elf is one of my favorite makeup companies and I have wanted to check this palette out for a long time!!
    instagram @karins28
    twitter @cookiesmasher9

  5. Great reward for your readers.

  6. Whoop! That's a whole lot of goodies. My eyes are on 3 of them but I would really like the Hair, Skin& Nails supplements!
    (I've followed you, @shopajali and @nazuricurls on IG and twitter)
    My IG: @fhs_oasis
    My twitter: @folasoasis

  7. I'm most excited to try the elf eyeshadows!

  8. Dear Ifeyinwa, I would be excited to win Dark & Lovely Moisture Plus Olive Oil Moisturiser, Dark & Lovely Anti-Breakage Healing Treatment and Doo Gro MegaThick Growth Oil. Reason: My hair line is a big disaster as I have lost my edges and i'm trying to get it back (lol), my hair breaks too. With the products listed, I hope to see improvement after using them if I get to win any. I have followed you on twitter and IG, also nazuricurls and Shopajali.
    My IG and Twitter: @leeznijis

  9. Hey Ifeyinwa. If I get the chance to get something, I would love to get the Dark and Lovely Colour Intensify Hair Dye because I'm absolutely bored with my hair and need to spice it up with some beautiful highlights....and of course.... summer is here!! A lots of time to display the highlights and let my hair take full charge! Instagram and Twitter handles (same) @__nafisah (double underscores)

  10. Hey girlie, I would be most excited to win the Hair, Skin, amd Nails tablets. With hairfinity on the rise i've been looking for vitamins that will do the work and not break my bank. My goal for my natural hair this year is to retain growth. My instagram handle is gee_ray and im private but i am following you. My twitter handle is Lil__MissJ. Ahh i hope i win lol.
    Love Jiire

  11. Omg I love everything but I'm excited for the face masks!

    Twitter: @thaat
    IG: @yeahitsthaat

  12. yay, I'm excited to have the doo mega growth oil to enrich my hair and estee lauder tiger eye shimmer lipstick. followed @nazuricurls a and @shopajali.
    Twitter/instagram: oma_mizflawless

  13. I would love to try estee lauder lipstick..I love the shade and it is very versatile. .
    Followed all accounts
    Twitter: @claredmj
    Instagram : claredmj

  14. I would love to try estee lauder lipstick

  15. I hope its not greedy of me to say i love everything!!!!!!! Nicely put together. But i'm most excited about the Doo Gro MegaThick Growth Oil. I recently chopped off my hair cus it was breaking too much, and i wanted a new look but was immediately sanctioned by HIM to grow it back *sad face*
    I'm sure the Sundown Naturals Hair Skin & Nails can also help me grow it back fast. My fingers are crossed on winning this.

    Following all accounts as instructed: @Reelmichelle


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