Hi Guys,

Ever so often in life you come across a product that's just IT. It ticks all your boxes, its perfect- and this ladies and gentlemen is my Holy Grail deep conditioner. Let me start by telling you how I came across this gem because I deserve no credit for discovering this. My Aunty Amaka is the most beautiful and glamorous woman I know (besides my mother of course) But unlike my mother she shares by love for beauty products and makeup. She is a complete product junkie and we often spend hours swapping beauty tips and talking about our favorite products and luckily for me she is incredibly generous. The last time I saw her she gifted me with a few hair products including the Amika Replenishing Olive Oil Mask which she hadn't tried at the time but she had a spare so I took it. And if I'm honest, didn't think too much of it - I had soooo many products I was trying to get through so this foolishly went to the bottom of my hair products pile.

I finally decided to give this product a try about a month ago and this is just everything. It literally smells like perfume but not in an overpowering way at all. It's so thick and creamy and the slip is out of this world. Honestly, it has everything I look for in a deep conditioner and I love it. 

I just slather on my hair (the slip is great enough to detangle with) and sit under my steamer for 30 minutes and it's literally changed my life. Once I rinse it out my curls are completely defined and my hair never EVER feels this soft. Of course once I realize how perfect this product is sheer panic kicks in because NOTHING can be this awesome. I figure it had to be super expensive or hard to come across right? Wrong! This product is available on Amazon here for £9.95 for a huge 500ml tub- sigh. I'm a very happy girl right now.


  1. woow, i just might even try it . How long till your hair gets dry again or does it stay soft for weeks? Havent found the right product for my hair yet sha.

    1. Hi Chidinma I try to moisturise my hair every day (sometimes twice) and deep condition every other week. That keeps my hair pretty soft, can't attribute it all to this product though. Hope that helps x


Thank you ♥