I hope you're all enjoying my little vacation series! I'm loving going through all my pictures it makes me feel like I'm on holiday all over again #takemeback lol. On this day Vanessa, Yasmin and I started off with brunch at the famous Five Leaves  - a Brooklyn must we were told. I got the Five Leaves burger and a green salad (didn't love it but the place was really cute). After that we went to the Museum of Modern Art which was incredible. It was my first time there and I got to see paintings and sculptures my Picasso, Metisse, Monet, Andy Warhol - it was honestly just incredible. There was also a special exhibition by Ganguin on at the time which was very interesting. I'm by no means an art head but I really enjoyed it and would recommend a visit to MoMA to anyone (its only about $25 to get in which easily makes it one of the cheaper things to do in NYC). Afterwards we went cycling in Central Park which was soooooo much fun. Vanessa and I hadn't ridden bikes in years so we had a good laugh falling down and getting lost while Yasmin whizzed off ahead of us lol. You can rent bikes for about $15 an hour from several companies around Central Park (couldn't remember the exact one we used, don't be afraid to haggle though, there's a lot of competition). Then we ended the day at The Bakeshop by Woops where I sampled some delicious macaroons and a ginormous oatmeal raisin cookie (that was supposed to be chocolate chip!) All in all it was a wonderful day.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out and posting so many great photos! Come visit us again soon!

  2. Oh wow! Thanks so much for commenting, I definitely will


Thank you ♥