I read this book in 2 days and it was completely mind-blowing. Like most people, I first learned about this story from all the press the movie got. 12 Years A Slave is an autobiography written by Solomon Northup who was born a free man in New York, kidnapped from his wife and children and then sold into slavery in Louisiana for twelve years. This book was published in 1853 so the language may take some getting used to but for me that just reinforced the authenticity of the story.

I find it so hard to read books or watch movies about slavery because I just can't imagine what living in those times must have felt like. The injustice, constant abuse and violence that slaves were subjected to is just inhumane and it really makes you question how such cruelty could ever happen. Reading from Solomon's perspective, who was a free man himself for most of his life really opened my eyes to the experiences and daily struggles that slaves dealt with. And even though Solomon Northup's story ended his emancipation, this was still a heartbreaking story. 

After I finished the book I decided to watch the movie and as always the book was far better. The movie left a lot of key events out and seemed to dwell on parts I didn't think were as important as the parts they rushed over or skipped. I got this book from the Amazon Kindle store. At the time I bought it was on offer for 60p, which came to be about N100 - the best N100 I ever spent! I'd recommend this book to everybody and give it 5 stars because it truly is a remarkable story and in my opinion a must-read.


  1. My question IS! Is Lupita Nyong'o's character from the movie a major character in the book cos from the movie, she hardly did much for all the recognition.....

    1. Oh she was definitely a significant character in the book. I think she gave a good performance but I'd say all the actors in the movie are getting so much recognition because of the significance of the story.

  2. I just kept mumbling 'this is not fair' while watching the movie, I can imagine how reading the book would be from your review. Slavery is just BAD

  3. nominated you for the leibster award

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