It's officially the last day of January, time to check in on those New Years Resolutions! If you read my Hello TwentyFourteen post. you'll know that I'm the typical female that decides to "get fit and lose weight" at the beginning of the year (oh the cliche! lol) and January for me was detox month! 

The bad thing about going on vacation right after Christmas is your body doesn’t get a chance to recover from all the bad food you ate over Christmas because you immediately go from Christmas mode to vacation mode.  Towards the end of my Dubai vacation I realized my clothes weren't fitting and my cheeks were looking a little rounder in some of those holiday pictures so I decided drastic measures needed to be taken. So my first stop once I got back into Lagos was this  fruit and vegetable stand on Idowu Taylor

If you’re looking for a place on the island where you can get some fresh produce in a civilized environment (i.e. without the heat,  shouting and flies) for a decent price I’d recommend this place. Fresh produce in supermarkets can be a bit hit and miss (am I the only person tired of rummaging through rotten fruit at Shoprite?) and I’m not going to go to the market  twice a week, so kiosks like this are a godsend. The staff there tell me that the go the market everyday and bring the produce over for a markup, a service that I don’t mind paying for!

Here’s a little haul of everything I picked up and all this was about N1500.

They really do have everything in there and I’d recommend it if you live or work in the area. They key to success is preparation so once I got all my goodies I wash and pre-cut everything to make it simple to prepare my meals during the week.

For the first 10-14 days I was super strict with myself and tracked everything I ate on My Fitness Pal and managed to lose a whole kilo!(whoop whoop) by cutting out all junk food and eating about 1300 calories a day. While that might not seem like a lot of weight it must have shown because I got a lot of compliments which was great and surprisingly it wasn't that hard. I think eating healthy is fun but I still love my treats! I've adopted a 70-30 kind of thing where I try to eat as clean as possible 70% of the time and allow myself to eat "what I like" on the weekends. Another thing I've done for the past 2 weeks is completely cut out alcohol. I'm planning on going booze free for the next 2 weeks. I can't say if this has really affected my weight but I just decided to give my liver a break. Alcohol also slows down your metabolism so if you're trying to lose some weight cutting it out (or at least reducing your intake) can't hurt.

Arguably the most important part to detoxing is drinking water! I have a 1.2 litre water bottle that I carry around with me throughout the day. I flavour my water with cucumber or orange slices and this really makes it a lot easier for me to chug it down. I try to get through 2 of these bottles a day. I've also introduced green tea into my diet and try to get through 2-3 cups a day.

Next month for me I'm going to integrate working out into my Healthy Kick. Once I'm at the gym or actually exercising I love the way it makes me feel but getting myself to do it is the hardest part. Day One of Fitness February starts tomorrow and right now I'm full of motivation! I'm aiming to get 14 workouts in the bag next month - wish me luck! 

PS: I’m starting a series on here keeping you up to date on my journey I’m going to call My Healthy Kick. I’m thinking of doing updates every other week so let me know what you think? And if you've made any health/weight related resolutions let me know how your first month went. We can do it guys!


  1. Great.....success on your eating healthy journey

  2. Nice one Ify. if you really need to lose some good wait, just go to! Maybe Msc or PhD...u don't need fruits.


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