Happy New Year!!!

I know its been a lifetime but before you throw stones at me I'd like to say December was insanely manic for me. I was the Chief Bridesmaid for my friend's wedding (a task I would advise all to accept at your own peril) and then after that the holiday season came, and we all know how life can get around the holidays. I just wanted to come on here and do a quick update for you all who have been wondering if I'm alive (I am! lol). 2013 was an amazing year for me full of so many milestones: I started a new job as a consultant at one of the "Big 4" financial services firms; I got to do some travelling - New York, Boston and my recent trip Dubai to be exact (stay tuned for pictures!); the number of views on my blog tripled; I met so many amazing people and built friendships that I know will impact the rest of my life (you know who you are). And of course, my biggest achievement of 2013 will have to be the launch of two businesses - my natural skincare line AJALI and my virgin curly hair extensions company I co-founded with my friend Yasmin, Nazuri Curls. Honestly, I thank every single person for the support and love this year, its actually so overwhelming summarising it all like that - I feel so blessed and grateful.

So now 2014 is here! And I am pumped and super excited because I believe that this year will be even better! Did you make any resolutions? I know these can be a little controversial. A lot of people don't think resolutions work but I'm a firm believer in writing your goals down and visualising reaching them (along with all the hard work and effort it takes to meet them of course) I made some this year and here are my big ones:

  • Fitness and Health - I  think this is always a huge one for most people but I can say that I fell off on this big time this year. Yesterday I went back to making my green smoothies and I'm detoxing for January (allowing myself a cheat day on my birthday of course lol). I also signed up to My Fitness Pal so if any of you are on it you can follow me, my name is loveifeyinwa. And I'm hoping to find an exercise plan that I can stick to - I'll be sharing a lot more details in upcoming posts on this.
  • Saving Money - Now I have always been very prudent with spending money and looking for deals and what not but I suck at saving. I know its terrible so I set up a Savings account and I'll be putting away a portion of my salary every month. I think most people do this already but in case you don't feel free to join me. I'll keep you updated on how I get on. I'm not saving for anything in particular as of now but I think it'd be great to have some Rainy Day money.
  • Reading - I used to be such a bookworm but these days I hardly read anymore which is really sad because I love it! I decided to read at least one book a month this year and I'll be keeping you updated on how that goes!

My other resolutions are personal but here's one that you can hold me to - I promise to blog at least once a week for the whole of 2014 *gulp* I really want to get on top of this because I love blogging. I find it so relaxing and I am looking forward to giving you all fresh material to read. Let me know what resolutions or goals you made (if any this year). Here's t
o 2014!

Thanks to the lovely Caylee for sharing the "Hello TwentyFourteen" picture that inspired this post -  http://cayleegrey.com


  1. Happy New Year!!!!!!...Definitely i want to be more fit,saving up for a car and generally just be a better me.

    1. A car - niiiiiiiice! You can do it! x

  2. glad to have u back

  3. Oh lordy, lordy. I too fell off the bandwagon last year and in some part of this year. It's almost August, and the only new year resolution I seem to have kept was travelling to somewhere new this year. I am getting back on track now though. Started saving (but the amount I have saved is so paltry, it's depressing :( ), and I have gotten back into exercising and being a bit conscious of what I eat. So far, it seems to be working for me. Hope your resolutions have been going way better than mine have.


Thank you ♥