OMG Guys!!!

My blog has been submitted in THREE categories for the 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards! Apparently the nomination period opened on Monday so I'm a few days late (what else is new) and will close on October 14. Then the top 10 blogs in each category will be taken forward to a second round of voting until the winner's announced on December 15. Eek!!! 

I'm pretty excited (can you tell? lol!)  It would mean SO much to me if you took the time nominate me in the following categories:
Best Beauty Blog 
Best Food Blog
Best Personal Blog

All you need to do is click here to fill in the Nomination Form. Here are a few instructions (Sorry its a bit long winded)

1. Only one blog can be nominated per category.
2. You do not have to submit a nominee for each category.
3. The blog address (e.g. of the blog (not the blog name) must be entered. So thats
4. You must provide a valid email address before your nomination will be registered.
5. Once you've submitted your nomination form, please check for an email from and follow the instructions in the email to ensure your nominations are counted. If you don't follow the instructions in the email your vote will not be counted.
6. Blogs nominated in categories they do not fit will not be counted.
7. Forms that nominate the same blog in most or all of the categories will not be counted.
8. If you make errors in your submission, send an email to and we can help you make the appropriate changes.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I appreciate this so much guys!


  1. WOW!! Girl! I'm so proud of you. I'm voting for you dear, you deserve it. xxxx

  2. Done my dear!!! u have my full support! i'll be bringing my friends to vote too! u deserve it!

  3. I stalk your blog almost everyday (X_X) I'm so nominating it!!

  4. :) Pls visit my reality blog @

  5. Oh wow congratulations, really. Heading over to vote now :)

  6. OMG thank you guys so much!! xx


Thank you ♥