Hello Everyone!!!! 

I know I know, its been forever since I updated my blog and I'm sooooo sorry but I'm back with a hair update aka The Ultimate Peace Offering!! It's been A WHOLE YEAR since my last relaxer! Can you believe it??! I know its such a cliche but the time really has flown by. I remember the moment when I decided to go natural like it was yesterday and I feel so proud to be here relaxer-free a whole year later! *tear* To celebrate I decided to get dolled up and take pictures of myself for your viewing pleasure. I hope this makes up for my horrible laziness over the past few months.




Hair - Flat twist-out with Kinky Curly Knot Today and my hair oil blend. No gel or edge control
Makeup - NARS Sheerglow Foundation in Macao, MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Dark, MAC Plum Foolery Powder Blush, Revlon Lipstick in Berry Haute
Flower - New Look
Lace Top - Cotton On

Significant Dates (Post Relaxer vs BC)
I know some people believe you're only supposed to consider yourself natural after you've cut off all your relaxed ends but that logic has never made alot of sense to me. My last relaxer was May 10th 2011 and I big chopped 6 months after on November 10th. Its way too time-consuming to say "I've been natural for 6 months but I transitioned for 6 months before that". I have a year's worth of natural hair on my head so I just consider myself to be natural for that time. 

My Regimen 
My regimen has pretty much plateaued now. I don't know if its because I have much less free time with my job now or if I'm just lazier (I'm probably just lazier lol). But what I do is the same, the only thing that's changed is the frequency. Every 2 weeks I'll wash my hair with non-sulphate shampoo, detangle under running water, deep condition under a steamer and let it air dry. I've been wearing wigs all year so during the week I just moisturise the cornrows with my Cantu Leave and seal with my hair oil blend. A lot of people have commented that my hair's grown really fast (even though it doesn't seem that way to me!) But if I had to give anything the credit for it, it has to be the fact that I don't play with my hair every day. I pretty much just leave it alone during the week. Check out my post on my Hair Care Regimen for more information.

Future Hair Plans
I'm so proud of myself for reaching my first year milestone and I'm just excited to see more length and be able to try out more styles. I can't wait to be able to put my hair in a bun again! Its a few inches too short right now so that'll be my next hair goal.The life of a wig-wearer has been pretty good to me so I think I'm going to keep doing that. I'd also like to experiment with henna (can't believe I still haven't tried that) and clays. I don't have any plans to straighten it or dye it right now. I just want to let it grow in peace.


  1. congratulations on your one year natural! there's been so much growth! your hair looks sooo good and sooo healthy! you definitely have me considering giving up the creamy crack! lol

  2. Gorgeous pics Ify - happy one-year post!! Your hair is growing so beautifully x

  3. Your hair looks amazing Ify! Dont worry its only a matter of time before it can go in a bun... with the rate its growing

    Nneka (Neks) xx

  4. Your hair looks nice and healthy. I'm inspired :)
    I've been wearing a wig for the last month too and its sooo convenient!

  5. Hey Ifeyinwa
    Just found your blog this morning
    I love it
    Already found some DIY to try lol
    Your hair looks great- very happy, very healthy hair!

  6. Hi Ify this bentonine clay can it be made locally. Nice hair you've got dear keep it up

  7. Hi Ify this bentonine clay can it be made locally. Nice hair you've got dear keep it up


Thank you ♥