My New York City Dream

Hey Guys!

This will be ancient news to my Twitter and Instagram followers, but I visited New York for my birthday last month. I went with my sister and was there a whole week (my birthday's on the 11th by the way). Even though its been over 3 weeks since I left New York, I'm only now going over my pictures. It was honestly one of my best holidays ever! The City is just magical and I can't wait to go again!

Here are just a few of my pictures, I hope you enjoy them.

Jacques Hot Chocolate Bar - Soho Chocolate Tasting Tour

My favourite couple ever - Soho Chocolate Tasting Tour
The BEST cookie ever - Soho Chocolate Tasting Tour
Birthday Girl - Love this Outfit

Boozy Birthday Brunch at Pranna
My Birthday Slice

Ready for a Night on the Town!

My sister and Elmo - Times Square
Time Square!
Best Margaritas in New York! Chevy's Time Square
Night out with the boys -Chevys Time Square

Alice in Wonderland Statue, Central Park
Tribeca, New York
Chelsea Market - A must-see for any foodie! 

Me in the Li-Lac window

The world's famous Magnolia Bakery - Best cupcakes I've ever had!

Empire State Building - View from 5th Avenue
Leaving the Empire State Building
Breathtaking view from the top of the Empire State Building



  1. Lovely Pictures Ify...what Camera did you take them with? DSLR?

    1. Hiya Tunde! Thanks a lot I used my DSLR my a Canon Rebel T3i (or the 600D in the UK) or my Iphone 5 x

  2. These pictures are lovely! Your birthday outfit was gorgeous - did you get it in Lagos? Those Magnolia Bakery cupcakes had me hooked, so delish *droools*

    1. Heya Yasmine!! No I got all my outfits in the States. The white skirt is from H&M and the studded bustier is from F21. The black dress in the 2nd picture is from H&M too.. And OMG @ Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, they're the best!

  3. Lovely photos!
    Love New York too, so much that I sometimes joke that I was meant to be born, live and die there...oh well maybe one day :)


Thank you ♥