Highlighting my Curly Wig

Hi Lovelies!

I know it's been way too long *runs and hides* I'm so sorry! But if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@loveifeyinwa) you'll know that I was in the States for the past month and even though I planned to blog while I was out there, it just never happened! There's something about being away from home that just makes you want to do nothing lo! But now that I'm back posts will resume as normal. Thank you for all the support!

My curly hair has been through it all! It's been a weave, a wig, clip-ins, and now it's back to being a wig. At this point, I was pretty bored of it so I decided to add some colour.
Here's what I used:

Hair on a wig stand
Tin Foil
Hair Dye
Some plastic bags or old newspaper

I've dyed my hair (and by my hair I mean extensions lol) a hundred times and I think without a doubt Creme of Nature and Dark n Lovely are the best box dyes. I was going for a brown highlight but as you know going from black to brown can have you waiting for hours and most times you won't get the effect you want so I always buy the brightest colour I can find.

Contents in the box
Before you start cut up some foil strips, and lay your plastic bags on the floor to protect your workspace. Then section the part of your hair you want to add highlights to. I only wanted colour on the top half of my wig so I put the bottom half in a hair band and tucked it away. Mix your dye according to the box directions. Make sure you wear your gloves! And add dye wherever you want it. Because I wanted highlights my selection process was pretty spastic but I chose curls towards the front that would frame my face.

Saturate the hair with dye, massage it in evenly and wrap it up in foil. This keeps the hair dye warm and will make it process quicker.

First batch of hair dye

After about 15 minutes, you can see the colour lifting. At this point I went back and added some more  to different sections. This creates a gradient effect giving the first batch a lighter shade of brown than the second batch.

When you're happy with the colour rinse all the dye out then shampoo and condition your hair. I also cut a few inches off as well because they were starting to look very stringy. Then I let mine air dry over night and here was the finished look the next day.



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