DIY - How I Made My Own Fringe Wig

Hi Guys!

I made this wig over a month ago and I'm just writing about it now - shameful, I know. But if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@loveifeyinwa) you would have seen pictures of me rocking a fringe, bet you didn't know it was a wig that I made

Here's what you'll need:

Wig cap
Wig stand
Hair Extensions
Bonding glue

Because this was my first attempt at making a wig, I didn't dare use expensive hair or waste my time sewing so I starting off using some really cheap hair that I stole from my sister. But then it wasn't enough so I ended up using about 5 different kinds of hair that I put together from scraps (I've told you guys about my hoarding issues right? lol) 

Here's what I started off with anyways:

So to begin, just put your wig cap on the stand (I protected mine with a plastic bag) and start measuring your hair tracks in straight lines to fit it and glue it on. I tried my wig cap on after every couple of tracks just to make sure it wasn't too tight. Also using a hairdryer to dry the glue speeds up the process and lets you work faster.

Once you're about halfway through, your pattern changes. Start wrapping the hair around the entire circumference of the wig cap and work in circles until you have the smallest possible circle and can't add any more hair like this: 

To make your closure I used Taren's tutorial. Simply glue along the weft as normal and roll it very tightly together:

Keep going till you have a closure piece that can fit in the space on your wig:

Once the closure's done, turn it over and spread the hair out till you find the centre. Then just glue the closure down. It should look like this:

I tried compressing this in between my hair straighteners to flatten it but that's not advisable if you're using synthetic hair. Can you say sizzle? Lol. That explains the fried bits you can see there, but I'm pretty tall so that didn't bother me too much.  At this stage you just put the wig on and cut the fringe at the length you want. I knew I wanted mine to be pretty long so I left it skimming my eyelashes.  

Here's my first impression picture after I'd just finished it.

This wig lasted about 4 weeks before it started to fall apart which is excellent considering the quality of hair and the fact that it was held together with glue! I absolutely loved it and I'm definitely going to recreate this with human hair and when I do I'll be sure to record a video tutorial for you guys:) The best advice I can give you is to not overthink it! Just follow the pattern you've seen your hairstylist do your weave with for years and you'll be fine. I was very shocked by how good it turned out and how easy it was too so if you're looking for an easy way to try a new look give this a try.



  1. First time visitor on your blog. Wig turned out beautiful and suits you perfectly. Easy to understand tutorial too. Weldone pretty Ifeayinwa :)

  2. Very helpful, thank you. The wig turned out great and you look beautiful.


Thank you ♥