Another MAC Haul!

Hi Guys!

You probably know by now that I have a slight MAC obsession - OK a huge MAC obsession lol. Here's a quick post of some of the goodies I've collected since my last haul.

(No order whatsoever lol) Please Me lipstick, Mulch eyshadow, Ruby Woo lipstick, Kinda Sexy lipstick, Dark Mineralize Skin Finish, 217 blending brush, Russian Red lipstick, Liquid last liner, Studio Fix Fluid NC50, Fleur Power powder blush, Espresso eyeshadow, Creme in your coffee lipstick, Satin Taupe eyeshadow

(L-R) Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Kinda Sexy, Please Me, Creme In Your Coffee
(L-R) Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Kinda Sexy, Please Me, Creme in your Coffee
Ruby Woo (top) vs Russian Red (bottom)

I bought Ruby Woo because its kind of taboo for  any true MAC fan to not own it right? Lol. Having said that, it is sooooooo drying. I love the shade of red though. Russian Red has been another long time wish list must-have and I'm so excited. It'd be the perfect shade of red for autumn - if we had that here lol.

(L-R) Satin Taupe, Espresso, Mulch

Satin Taupe, Espresso, Mulch
 I'm not really a huge eyeshadow wearer. In fact these are my first ever MAC eyeshadows! I decided 2013 was the wear to experiment so I picked up these warm shades. I'm hoping I can create some subtle smokey eye looks with this and my handy dandy 217 Blending Brush (pictured above). I can't believe how pigmented these are.

Mineralize Skin Finish (dark), Fleur Power powder blush
 Both of these products are repurchases for me. That's how much I love them.

I use my Mineralize Skin Finish as a setting powder. Can you tell the difference? Lol. It's pretty sheer to be honest but its awesome for achieving that glowy finish.

Here's a swatch of the Fleur Power in the corner of my hand. It's the perfect pink for my skin tone and I just love it. My last one broke in my bag so this one will stay in my makeup drawer where it's safe!

And that's all I got folks! I cant wait to play around with everything and share some more looks with you all. Have you picked up any makeup recently that you'd recommend? Have a great day!


PS: Wanna know something sick? Guess what I did the moment the high from all my new makeup wore off?

I officially need help! Lol


  1. Which ls do you like more, ruby woo or russian red?

    1. Tough Question! I love both of them but I've honestly reached for Ruby Woo more so far. But I think that may have to do with the time of year, with it being Christmas and all, the bright red lip is more festive. I think Russian Red is more of an everyday red, plus its consistency makes it easier to wear. I've even mixed both of them too lol. I can't decide! But I'm working on a My Favourite Lipsticks post where I'm going to share pictures of me wearing them so you can see them on and judge for yourself- that should be done this week xx

  2. LOL! I know that feeling! Wanting to buy more even after you've just hauled. You've tempted me to get Creme in Your Coffee



Thank you ♥