October Favourites

Happy New Month Lovelies,

Can you believe it's November already? I know I can't! 2012 has flown by and it's so scary but I love this time of year because it means Christmas is coming soon! Anyways before I go down a completely different tangent here's a list of some of the things I was obsessed with in October 2012.

Favourite Book - Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
I know. I know. I'm super late and everyone's over these now. But I literally couldn't put them down! I won't bother going into the plot as I'm sure everyone knows what its about by now but if you haven't read the books, you must!

Favourite Movie - Think Like A Man
I saw this movie in the cinema. Then on the plane to South Africa (both ways). Then my sister got the DVD. And it still makes me laugh! And my obsession has nothing to do with Michael Ealy *swoons and faints* lol

Favourite Skincare Product - Benzoyl Peroxide Gel
My dermatologist prescribed this to me to use on any spots I get now that I'm off Roaccutane. I've had a couple but this gel dries them up overnight and it leaves no scarring! A little miracle cream for real. You should be able to get this from your local pharmacy.

Favourite Home Product - Yankee Candle Island Spa Fragrance
I love scented candles.This one smells like a tropical island or at least what I'd imagine one to smell like lol. It's hard to describe what it smells like but it's very relaxing. I've been burning it every single day in October and I'm just under half way through. Excellent value, the Yankee Candles last for ever... And ever... And ever

Favourite Nail Product - Revlon Orange Flip Nail Enamel
I re-painted my stiletto nails and this colour is just awesome. It's the a mix of orange, coral and bright pink. It makes me smile. 

Favourite Hair Product - ORS Olive Oil Edge Control
I feel like this product deserves an entire post dedicated solely to its awesome-ness. I'm almost 6 months post-relaxer so you'd think the days of slick edges were gone but not even! This is another miracle product. It has a thick jam consistency and if you slick it on your moist hair and tie a scarf around it, your edges will lay down like you're hair was relaxed! I've seen this in quite a few supermarkets its about N800 (£3/$5)

Favourite Make-Up Product - The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver
This makes your skin feel like velvet! It has an amazing fresh citrus smell that wakes you up. I've got a lot of compliments on my "glowing face" since I started using it. My only criticism is that it doesn't have SPF.

Favourite Music Album - Lana Del Rey "Born to Die"
Another late discovery but oh my dear Lana! After a long hiatus this album got me excited about music again. She reminds me of Lily Cole, Amy Winehouse and Dido wrapped in one cheeky, sultry package. I love good love songs so the whole album is amazing to me. But my favourite songs are "Radio", "Diet Mountain Dew", "Blue Jeans" and "Born to Die". This album deserves all the hype, honestly.

Favourite Health Product - 30 Day Shred
Lemme just start off by saying I don't like exercising. But for some weird reason I've managed to stick to this. Jillian Michael's is really good at motivating you to put it work! And its hard! But its only 30 minutes every day and all you need is an exercise mat and some dumbbells. You can pick it up on Amazon or stream in on Youtube.

So that's it for my first Favourites post. Hope you enjoyed it! If you have any suggestions for topics you'd like to see in next month's favourites please let me know. And of course share yours below!


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  1. I love Think Like A Man as well, need to get it on DVD! Great post :) x


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