Do they know it's Christmas?

II absolutely LOVE Christmas. It's always been my favourite holiday for as long as I can remember. Growing up Christmas meant snow, chocolates, presents and being a January baby, it meant my birthday was soon. It's just always been such a magical time for me. I cannot stress how much I love Christmas lol. And I know I sound like a little kid but last year, Christmas kind of sucked for me. Living in Lagos you miss the cold, all the Christmas music in the shops, Christmas food and the general hustle/panic that comes with last-minute Christmas shopping. Don't get me wrong, Christmas is still big here but I feel like its not as traditional. And for me, its all the traditions that make the holidays fun! So this year I am determined to feel Christmas to its fullest!

 So here are a few of the things that have been filling me with holiday cheer!

Christmas Apps - I downloaded this Christmas Countdown app which basically counts down the number of days till Christmas. It also plays different carols and you can choose different Christmas characters. I'm obsessed with it. Christmas Advent Calendar is another cool one that's giving away one paid app for free every day until Christmas. They've also got some cool carols. And both of these apps are free!

Christmas Music - When I as 19 I worked as a Christmas temp at River Island and I spent the whole month subjected to all the cheesy UK Christmas songs and I've been hooked since then. My favourite one's are the Band Aid - Do They Know its Christmas, and Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmas Time I've been playing these on my Iphone, in my car, everywhere!

Christmas Beauty Treats & Giveaways - Another cool thing about this time of year is all the seasonal scents and fragrances. I'm a huge fan of the Body Shop Cranberry Joy range that only come out around this time - the shower gel is to-die! And the freebies! Pretty much every single company will do some sort of giveaway or promotion for Christmas so be sure to open up all your emails and stay in-the-loop. Yankee Candles are having a really cool giveaway for Christmas too. You have a 1 in 4 chance to win a Christmas candle. All you have to do it send in your favourite Christmas tradition here.

Christmas Decorations - For as long as I can remember the Christmas tree has been a staple in my house. We usually put ours up at the end of November and take it down after my birthday. When I was living on my own in London I had my first ever real tree and it was amazing... I wonder if I could find one here?

Presents -  Why don't people give out Christmas presents anymore? And not just Christmas presents, people don't give out birthday presents either? Or is that just me and my friends? Lol. Anyway this year, I'm excited to get little things for all the people close to me. Its fun and it adds to the festivity of everything.

Carol Services & Church - Even if you're not a Christian there's something especially moving about being in church around this time of year. I love all the nativity reenactments and the carols. For me, it puts everything in perspective and helps you stay grounded and actually remember what the holiday's about.

Christmas Parties and Food - I've hosted two Christmas parties before and they've both been great. I plan to make a traditioanl roast turkey with all the trimmings, a ham, sausage rolls. Loadsssss of cakes, mince pies and biscuits. I'll even have mulled wine and eggnog. Christmas crackers and party hats! And  everyone will have to get dressed up. I can't wait! Once I pick a day I'll keep you posted on my party planning...

This post has gotten me so excited! What are your favourite things about Christmas?


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