Meet Dora! My First Lace Front Wig

Hey Lovelies,

I usually make my bed lol

I have to put my hands up on this one and give all the praise to the lovely Yasmin for sending me this wig. She found it in her local hair shop in South London for £25 and decided it was amazing enough to vouch for and kudos to her! Now if you’re a loyal reader of Mod-Love (and why wouldn’t you be!) you’ll know that I try to only use hair that has texture to it. When I first saw the wig I won’t lie I thought it was way too silky and too straight to blend with my natural hair. And I wasn’t really sure how to wear it because I’d never worn a lace front before. But I decided to play around with it and I am so glad I did!

Lace front
Partition for U-Part underneath the wig
So the original plan was to cut the U-part section and blend my hair over it but after trying it on I realised there was NO way my hair was going to blend with this wig without straightening my hair:

That moment
 So I cut the lace off and pushed the wig forward:


I covered the wig line with my own hair and slicked it back with some ORS Edge control (this is a MUST for everyone, natural or not!)


I don't know what to call this face

Now it’s synthetic hair so don’t expect this to last you a lifetime, but if you take care of it I reckon you can get a good long wear out of it. I tried flattening it with a blowdryer and I wouldn't recommend that! It kind of fried the ends so it can look a bit ratty sometimes so I just put some coconut oil on them and brush it gently and its been OK. Speaking of brushing gently, you have to make sure you use a good quality paddle brush that isn’t going to rip the hair out of the lace. I’ve been rocking this for about 3 weeks now and I get stopped in the street to ask if it’s my hair where I got it from and it’s a great feeling.



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