Quinoa Challenge – Quinoa Vegetable Salad

Hey guys!

As you know, I started a quinoa challenge last month to try to find a way to enjoy this all- protein food that was completely foreign to me. I started off with a breakfast cereal which was a complete and utter flop but it turns out that the second try was a charm for me.

I made a simple quinoa vegetable salad for a super-healthy packed lunch to take to work during the week. I used ingredients that I had laying around but if you wanted to try this out with some different vegetables or even something like raisins or walnuts, I think that’d work well too. But here’s what I used:

1 cup of quinoa
½ a tin of sweetcorn
½ a tin of black-pitted olives
½ red bell pepper
1 small red onion
3 baby carrots
½ lemon
2 chicken stock cubes
A few cloves of garlic
6 tbsp of olive oil
Cayenne Pepper sauce (optional)
Chilli Powder (optional)

(Serves 4)

Soak the quinoa in cold water for 5 minutes -Add 2 cups of water to a pot and bring to a boil - Dissolve the chicken stock cubes in the water and add the quinoa – Let the quinoa cook for about 15 minutes until light and fluffy - Let the quinoa cool for 5 minutes and then use a fork to gently separate the grains – Put on side to cool - Chop up all your vegetables - 

Add 2 tbsp of olive oil to a pan on a low heat and gently cook the vegetable for a few minutes (this step is completely optional. In fact it’s better to not cook your vegetables but I can’t stand raw onions so I decided to cook mine slightly)

 Remove vegetables from heat and mix in with quinoa 

 For the dressing combine the remaining olive oil, chopped garlic, juice from half a lemon, cayenne pepper sauce and chilli powder in a bowl and mix well – Add the dressing to the quinoa and taste – Add more spices or olive oil to taste if needed – Serve immediately or cool and transfer to an airtight container

This is great because it’s quick to make, keeps well in the fridge and you can eat it hot or cold (in case you don’t have a microwave at work) plus it’s really filling. All smiles for me stay tuned for some more recipes.



  1. Awesome If's, keep up the great work!!

    Annamay xx

  2. That looks tasty

  3. Thanks, it was! Trust me been eating it for lunch everyday this week lol. Let me know if you try it out x

  4. I'm just seeing you blog. Awesome Ify!!

    Can I get these ingredients in Shoprite or Park n Shop Lagos? I am willing to try this... *gasp* at home.

    1. Heya OO!! I still haven't been able to find quinoa in Lagos you know but I;m sure its just a matter of time. If anything I think you should try La Point in VI I hear they have quinoa spaghetti there. Thanks so much for reading x

  5. Awesome post. Have u been able to find quinoa in Lagos yet. Would really like to try dis


Thank you ♥