Yummy Green Smoothie - The Perfect Pick Me Up

Hey guys!

So if you live in Nigeria you're probably gutted right now because it's back to work! Our 4-day weekend is officially over and we all know how hard it can be to kick yourself into Productive Mode after a long break. But hey-ho, I have the perfect fix!

Trust me, when I started making green smoothies about a month ago I never thought I'd ever like them. Just seemed like another one of those health-nut fads but surprisingly enough, they actually live up to the hype! I've really seen a difference in my energy levels and my skin has especially improved since I started drinking them. Best of all you don't actually taste the spinach once you've blended it with the other ingredients AND you get your 5-a-day sorted first thing. Score!

Here's the one I made this morning:

Handful of Spinach
1 Small Apple
Pineapple chunks
Juice from 1 Orange
Smallest Sliver of Ginger (not pictured)
Ice and Water

Chop up all the ingredients (squeeze the orange juice) and put in a blender with 4 or 5 ice cubes and 1/4 cup of water - Blend for 1 minute - Open the blender and mix the smoothie around with a spoon - If you want a smoother consistency repeat the blending - Pour in a glass and serve immediately

Hope you enjoy!

Tip: No time in the morning? No problem! Chop everything up (sans water, orange juice and ice) and keep in in the fridge overnight. Once you're ready pop everything in the blender, pour it in a flask and drink it on your way.

Ifeyinwa xoxo


  1. Hi darling, love this! keep up the good work.


  2. When I started my green drink, It tasted horrible to me at first. Then, someone told me that when your body is highly acidic it's not going to taste good until your body becomes more alkaline. Well, it happened to be the case for me and It started to taste a little better.

  3. Spinach is not easily available except you go to big shops, where can I get it. Better still what's the substitute for spinach


Thank you ♥