Why I Decided to Go Natural

Hey guys:)

I mentioned in my Welcome to Mod Love post that I am transitioning to natural hair. I've gone natural once before by accident. I say "by accident" because I didn't really know what I was doing. I just decided to stop putting chemicals in my hair after a horrible hair bleaching experience in 2006 (long story *sigh*). For the next 2 years I wore my hair in weaves and braids slowly cutting my blond ends off (yes, blond! * double sigh*). That quickly got boring - I wanted a break from extensions and decided I was going to wear my hair out over the Christmas break of 2008. So I found myself staring at this huge afro on my head in the mirror thinking "what the hell am I supposed to do with this?"  Fast forward a couple weeks I was at the hairdressers getting a relaxer. Looking back on that now it makes me sad but only because I based that decision on ignorance. If I had taken any time at all to research natural hair care and styles, tried it out and then decided to get a relaxer, I wouldn't mind but I really didn't give myself a chance. 

Oh well fast forward 3 and a half years and I'm transitioning (growing my relaxer out). This came about after a conversation with a good friend of mine who was also transitioning at the time. She made a lot of valid points and made me accept how clueless I was about my own hair. In fact, I knew more about Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Mongolian hair than my own! You can't blame me, my mother started relaxing my hair when I was 5. I started getting weaves at salons when I was 15. I had never had to handle my own hair. Ever. That felt so wrong to me. 

My decision to go natural was initially based on curiosity. I will always be grateful to my friend for introducing me to the YouTube Natural Hair Community. Watching gurus like Laila from Fusion of Cultures, Chime from Hair Crush, Charyjay from 160days2lose2 answered so many questions. I learned the truth behind the myths like "black hair doesn't grow" or "black hair is too tough". The truth is our hair needs more care than our extensions, but  with the right care it can be soft, easy to manage and most importantly beautiful.

As I've become more educated on natural hair my reasons for transitioning became more profound. I'm not comfortable the idea of "fixing" my hair with relaxers, there's nothing wrong with my hair! Also, whatever anyone says, natural hair is healthier. After using relaxers I was beginning to experience thinning and and breakage to the point where I didn't feel confident without a few tracks in it. Anyway before this gets too "preachy" (I personally hate the holier-than-thou attitude that most naturals adopt) let me end with this: My favourite reason for going natural is I want to have a daughter someday. And I don't ever want her to feel like her own hair isn't good enough.

I hope you enjoy reading this- it was hard! Share your thoughts and opinions below. I'll be updating you guys with my regimens and transitioning hairstyles soon.


DISCLAIMER: I am not in anyway against weaves or relaxers! (Well at least not weaves lol) I still wear extensions now during my transition and will probably still wear extensions even after I've cut all my relaxed hair off. For me, I just personally think that I don't need to relax my hair anymore. I can achieve any look I want to with my natural hair. Especially now with the invention of invisible parts, closures, lace wigs etc. C'est fini!


  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading this! Your reason for going natural makes so much sense and is fantastic!I also dyed my hair red but a couple months down my ends were dead, then I got a relaxer and my hair just looked so flat and lifeless! There was no turning back. I am also in the process of transitioning and I'm 6 months post. I also watch all those videos too! I prefer braids as a protective style so I can still co-wash when necessary.

    1. Hi Feso!!! Thank you so much! I can totally identify with "flat and lifeless" but hopefully that will never be the case again! You're 3 months ahead of me so make sure you check back in, I'd love any advice xx

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  2. Hey Ify, I also transitioned and I have cut off the relaxed ends. Enjoying rocking my 'fro like a pro and other protective styles. I recommend this website, very informative http://www.thenaturalhavenbloom.com/.
    Esther x

    1. Hey Esther! Wow how cool!! I can't wait to cut off my relaxed end. I keep flip-flopping between just cutting it off and getting it over with or waiting till I have some more length. How long did you transition for? Thanks for the heads-up will check Natural Haven Bloom out for sure. And I checked out your blog- tres cool! You should start posting again xx

    2. Transitioning is such a personal thing, heck hair in general is personal. For me I couldn't deal with the two different hair textures, natural roots vs relaxed ends, so I trimmed them off. Fundamentally, it's all about healthier hair and understanding your own hair better, which is why I only transitioned for about 3/4 months. Initially I didn't know what to do with my natural hair, but thank God there's so much information and knowledge at our finger tips, so i'm learning everyday. Your blog is great, and I've enjoyed all your post thus far, especially as I'm trying to cultivate a healthier lifestyle. :)
      Thanks mama, *covers face* I'm so overdue a blog post, will get on it ;)
      Love and Light
      Esther xx

  3. :) This takes me back. Around 2007/2008 when I decided to go natural and told my mum, her reaction was "How will you do it? who will marry you? what will your husband say? How will you live?" lmao, shebi it's just hair.

    Good for you dear, it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

    1. Hi Oluchi! I love hearing things like this from Natural OGs, its definitely encouraging.. 3 months in and I still don't think my mom gets what I'm doing but at least the good hair practices are starting to rub off. She used some of my DC the other day *baby steps* lol

  4. Went natural by mistake! lol. That bit cracked me up. Please just dont leave us relaxed girls out when you are doing hair posts :p

    1. Hey Kiki! Never fear I don't discriminate. Truth is most "natural hair practices" can be used by relaxed hair girls since we all want healthy hair at the end of the day , so stay tuned! xx

  5. Interesting read! I am trying to go natural too - transitioning my hair out although I admit I am finding it hard, I never know what to do with my hair when it's not in box braids!
    Saadiya x

    1. Hey Saadiya! I totally know what you mean, I'd never been one to play around with my natural hair before this so the first few months transitioning was pretty daunting for me. It definitely took me a while to get my head around the "no heat" thing but I'm finding ways to make my hair work and I'll be sharing them all so keep reading. And don't give up!! xx

  6. Awwn...I can totally relate to this post because I know and understand the feeling of having the confidence to acknowledge the fact that there's absolutely nothing wrong with our God-given fros. You mentioned Laila form Fusion of Cultures. She's also an inspiration to me. Another reason to believe that black hair is awesome =)


Thank you ♥