Whipped Shea Butter Blend - All Natural Hair & Body Moisturiser

Hi guys,

One of the many wonders we're blessed with in Africa is shea butter. Chock full of goodness it can cure skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles and its even got a natural SPF (OK it's only factor 5 but who's counting). It truly is one of nature's best moisturisers. I personally find it a bit hard to use in its raw state because it can be quite hard, but I've found that whipping it with some of my favourite oils gives it a softer, fluffier texture, perfect for using on your skin and hair.

Coconut oil is renowned for its moisturising capabilities and its full of anti-oxidants and anti-microbial. Its also the best oil for your hair because it has the greatest ability to penetrate the hair shaft. We all know the healing wonders of aloe vera gel, its anti-inflammatory properties can be used to treat acne and burns. It's also been said to reduce dandruff and promote hair growth. Olive oil is also full of antioxidants that prevents free radical damage to skin cells. Tea tree oil has always been a favourite of mine. I love the way it smells and find its mint-iness very soothing. With its natural antibacterial properties its great for loads of skin ailments from ring worm to cuts and scrapes. Argan oil, Morocco's hidden gem contains skin-softening agents and is also full of antioxidants.

So after studying each ingredient's properties and playing around with proportions I've developed the perfect recipe. And I'll share with you because I'm just nice like that:)

Here's  what you need:

200g of raw unrefined shea butter
60g of virgin coconut oil
6 tbsp of pure aloe vera gel
4 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp of argan oil
10 drops of tea tree oil
* your favourite essential oil for scent (optional)

Combine the shea butter and coconut oil in a ceramic or metallic bowl and place this bowl over a pot of water - Put the heat on and once the water begins to boil, turn the heat off and allow the steam from the water to melt the shea butter and coconut oil - This method is called "double boiling" and I do this rather than using a microwave or melting in a pan directly because using indirect heat allows you to retain all the natural goodness.

Shea butter and coconut oil melting using double boiling method

Once the shea butter and coconut oil has completely melted, mix well with a spoon and put in a freezer to solidify a bit for 10 minutes - Remove the mixture from the freezer and add the remaining ingredients - Using a electric hand mixer (or you'll hate yourself) whisk the mixture consistently for at least 20 minutes - Scoop into an airtight container and voila!
Shea butter blend after 20 minutes of whipping- looks good enough to eat!

I'm telling you this stuff is incredible! Ever since I've started using it everything's so soft- my skin, my hands, my hair. And best of all, I like that I can vouch for all the ingredients in it. So no preservatives, colourings or nasty chemicals for me. Score.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

Ifeyinwa xoxo


  1. This looks amazing, i need to try it once i get my hands on some shea butter -the only ingredient i'm missing :(. Do you know whether it separates after a while once it's in the jar?

    1. Hi Barbrah! Thank you so much! It doesn't separate at all just make sure you keep it in an airtight container. Let me know how you get on once you try it out x

  2. I love your blog! The posts are so fun and accessible! You can check out my blog at www.foodandfashionfusion.wordpress.com and we could do recipe swaps! well done. Will definitely try this shea butter yumminess. I recently transitioned to natural hair and am all about using organic stuff. I have all the ingredients at home but have never combined them they you suggested.....

    1. Thanks Nkemdilim! That's so nice of you. I've gone through your blog and it made me so hungry lol, I love it. Definitely will be trying out some of your recipes in the future. I'm transitioning too and the shea blend is great for keeping your hair moisturised, Come back soon xx

  3. Nice one Ify definitely going to try this out..I like the way you stated the individual components and their advantages,sounds perfect for my dry skin x

    1. Awww thanks Foomee!!! Will make sure I keep doing that then xx

  4. I'm looking forward to trying this out, I got some shea butter from Mali but it smells really terrible and I'm not sure how to make it work. :( I've tried lemon juice but it only made it slightly better but I'll go out and get some coconut butter and maybe rose oil and see what results I'll get.

    1. Hi Nancy! It shouldn't smell terrible:( Are you sure the shea butter hasn't gone off? If not I'd recommend trying something strong like lavender or vanilla essential oils.


Thank you ♥