Welcome to MOD LOVE!

For a young beauty, cooking and culture enthusiast, living in Lagos can be frustrating! As with most developing countries it's not always easy to find specific products, ingredients or tryout the latest "big thing". But it's a lot of fun finding ways to work with what you've got! I'll be sharing some of the ways I get around these issues when it comes to all the things that make me smile.

I'm very much obsessed with skincare, makeup, hair and nails. So you can look forward to a lot of homemade beauty products, tutorials and reviews. I also decided to transition to natural hair this year, I'm looking forward to documenting that journey as well. I've always loved to cook! I'm the girl with her nose in her computer and a pan over the stove. I'm always looking up new recipes and testing them out on my friends and family. I've got a horrible sweet tooth but earlier this year I decided to try to eat healthier- I repeat, try! And lifestyle pretty much covers anything from daily anecdotes, art, culture, and travel. 

Oh yeah, in case you were wondering where Mod-Love came from, I found the cut out in Elle. I thought the name was beautiful so I decided to run with it. With my obsessive personality it was either that, or me brainstorming for a blog name the next 5 years.

Thanks for stopping by, come by again soon.

Ifeyinwa xx

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  1. You were made to blog Ify - can't wait to stalk this! ♥

    1. Awww thanks Yaz! Will bring you plenty of a stalk-able material lol xx

  2. Love it! Looking forward to more posts x

  3. Great job cuz! Annamay x


Thank you ♥