Hello Guys,

My last full day in Tokyo was on a Friday and I decided to shop. I started off in 209, a trendy department store in Shibuya. I quickly found out that Japanese fashion is expensive and dare I say, overpriced but I loved looking at everything.
I really wanted that Mickey Mouse hat - had to restrain myself lol
They sure do love their coloured contacts!

Kiki and I  refused to leave Tokyo without some crazy Japanese nail art and had been meaning to do them since we arrived. Unfortunately we didn't anticipate how serious the Japanese nail game was, with each nail appointment taking approximately 3 hours you have to make an appointment. Walk-ins are considered to be rude. Oh and it'll cost you anything from $80-100! Luckily I came across Miss Fancy Pants Tokyo, fellow blogger. Her post on Nails 101 in Tokyo was so helpful. She recommended March Nails salon in Shibuya, their prices started from $60 and they had vacancies so we made an appointment (on the Monday before) and headed there after shopping. Guys, our appointments were for 3.30 and 4pm and we didn't leave till 7.15pm. I'd never had nails like this so it was amazing but I would never be able to keep it up. Ain't nobody got time for 3-hour manicures! I went for a very girly, 3 color design with bows and dogtooth sticker decals.  And Kiki went for a glittery, white and silver pattern. Their attention to detail (like with most things) is incredible and I loved how they came out.

After that we were starving and it occurred to me that I still hadn't had any ramen this trip. We found a little place in Omotesando Hills called Ramenzero Plus that specializes in ramen. This was my first time having ramen and it was pretty good, Kiki was convinced the stock tasted like oha soup, and I have to agree. We got some gyoza too which was piping hot and delicious. We felt like treating ourselves to a dessert and went to Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar where we had the most indulgent chocolate cake, hot fudge sauce and ice cream. It was so so good. Then again I am a chocolate junkie so of course I'd think so. Lol.

After we got back from dinner we went to explore the nightlife centre, Roppongi and take in all that Tokyo had to offer before we left. For me, my last night in Tokyo was bittersweet. As much as I loved being in Tokyo and still now can't believe I was able to spend a week there, I felt very far from home. I was very much aware of the fact that I was on the other side of the world. The stark culture difference and language barrier was something I'd never experienced before. But the Japanese people are so helpful and sweet I would love to visit again someday. 

I hope you've enjoyed my Tokyo diary! 2014 has been an amazing year for travel for me and I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to share my experiences with you all.

Sayonara Tokyo! 


You guys, 

I still can't believe I'm here lol. The weather was a little better today so I decided to explore Ueno. I had heard murmurs of an outdoor food market and I absolutely love markets. It's a fun way to interact with the locals and explore their cuisine. The Ameyaokocho market was huge and I had a lot of fun going through the many aisles of food, clothes and technology.
I bought the kiwis, strawberries and cranberries - they're way too sweet!
After the market I went back to my hotel and had an incredible massage. (Worth mentioning that when I got to the spa I was given a t-shirt and shorts to wear and a female masseuse massaged me through my clothes. Not complaining, was just different. Lol. My pillow was fragranced with an essential oil of my choice (I picked lavender) and I quickly fell asleep and forgot about all my worries lol.

After my massage I went to Tokyo Tower which is a 350ft building modeled after the Eiffel tower in the centre of Tokyo. I am very afraid of heights so things like this are typically not for me but I really wanted to push myself to do it and I'm so glad I did. (It helped that Kiki and her mom joined me) The views were stunning, unfortunately the glare from the flash of my camera reflecting on the windows meant my pictures didn't come out too great.
Look down window

Afterwards we found a little hole in the wall called Azabi Oidon very close to the Tower - it was hands down my best meal in Tokyo. I just have to tell you guys, everything was so tasty and fresh. I couldn't believe how slim Japanese people are because their food is incredible. As if the food wasn't great enough, the service was even better. We had a lovely women (originally from the Philippines) called Tu as our waiter. Her English vocabulary was very limited but it didn't stop her from being attentive, making good recommendations and she adamantly refusing our attempts to tip her. If you're ever in the area please go visit Azabi. Our meal for 3 set us back just 9,000 Yen ($90) including 
drinks. Absolute steal!
Pickled fish - free appetizer
Ice cold sake
Sweet and sour prawns
Kiki got this chicken, egg rice bowl
Her mom got this seafood rice bowl - which was essentially sashimi on white rice
I got the sashimi platter - the fish was so fresh it melted in my mouth
And I also got this california roll sushi platter

Take me back!!!