I know I know... I'm a bad blogger *covers face in shame* I've missed a good number of posts and I'M SORRY! To be perfectly honest with you, I don't have an excuse, we're all busy and dealing with a bunch of things and when things get hectic for me, the first thing that seems to get neglected is my blog, which is a shame really, because I love doing it. I can't promise that I won't miss some days in the future, but all I ask is that you bear with me, I'll always come back to you eventually:)

So I've retired the red hair... for now! It was such a spontaneous decision for me and I didn't know what to expect but I absolutely LOVED it. I will most definitely be going red again in the (near) future, but for now, I'm back to black! You can't wear a lot of colour, or experiment as much with makeup when you have such statement hair, so I'm looking forward to being able to switch it up a little.

(Skip this paragraph if you're familiar with Nazuri Curls) Nazuri Curls is a company I set up with my friend Yasmin back in 2013. It specialises in providing curly virgin, 100% human hair extensions. We originally set it up to give natural haired ladies an alternative to wearing extensions that wouldn't naturally blend with their own hair but we've since found that women with any hair type - be it relaxed, natural or transitioning can (and have) enjoyed using our extensions. 

Our Curly texture is the loosest curl pattern we offer and it mimics type 3 hair. It's such a gorgeous, baby soft, luxurious texture that it almost makes me just want to sleep on it lol. But what I love most about it is it's sooooo easy to take care of. This hair is literally night and day when compared to our more kinkier textures. Still that's not to say that I don't love the Afro and Kinky curl types or even the Straight, but there's something to be said about not having to detangle and moisturise daily. I use no product at all on this hair. This is the perfect choice for ladies looking for the drama of curly hair without the maintenance hassle. When I tell you that literally wake up, comb this hair and go - I mean it. And you only need to wash it when you feel like the hair needs it. Can I get an "Amen" please?

I'm wearing 3 bundles of hair (1x16" and 2x18") and a 18" lace closure with a middle part. I choose to wear a closure because my natural hair will most definitely NOT blend with this texture without heat and daily manipulation and I don't want to have to deal with that. But it would most definitely blend easier with relaxed or transitioning hair.

I've had my extensions created into a custom wig. By "custom" I mean you can choose your own wig cap size (large for me), wig cap colour (black) and the style of your hair (centre parting, layered) to suit your taste. I don't know any other company that offers that service with as much customisation. The turnaround time for wigs is 10-14 working days for orders in Nigeria but we ship anywhere in the world and this time varies depending on your location.

This exact unit would cost you about ₦145,000 (approximately $710) including the cost of 3 bundles of hair, a closure, custom wig and shipping. If you'd like to find out more about Nazuri Curls or place an order you can do so on our website where you can shop in Naira (and US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros). Oh and I’m offering all my readers a 15% discount to use on any order placed in May with the discount code LOVEIFEYINWA15 so I there's no better time than now to order!

What do you think?


Hi Dolls,

I'm here with a very quick post to let you know that I'll be selling some of my clothes, beauty products and accessories (many of which I've never used or worn) on Depop. I'll be in London next week so I'll be able to post internationally from next week. But if you're in Nigeria and you'd like to purchase anything I can send the items off this week before I leave. Payment is through the app using Paypal but if don't want to download the app or pay by Paypal just send me an email ( or leave a comment and we can sort it out that way too.

Happy shopping!


Hi Everyone,

I'm a sucker for minimal jewellery, especially rings and small earrings, but I lose them ALL the time so I really can't bring myself to invest in expensive pieces- yet! So I decided to try out Aliexpress one late, lonely night (the most dangerous time for all online shopping addicts lol) and I wanted to share my experience with you in case you were interested in ordering from them.

Aliexpress is pretty much the Chinese version of Amazon and you can get EVERYTHING on there. Considering that almost everything these days is produced in China, there prices are almost impossible to beat and the best thing is they take Nigerian cards and most stores will deliver here too. Now for the downside, delivery via China Air Post takes FOREVER. I placed by order on February 24, 2015 and didn't get it until April 8! You're also going to have to pick up your parcel from your local post office and pay N500 surcharge. Luckily for me, the Lekki Post Office is pretty organised and I was able to get mine in less than 5 minutes. I think some sellers offer delivery through DHL and Fedex that's a lot quicker but way more expensive. 

I ordered from a store called A&A Jewelery who were having a 10% off orders over $30 promotion at the time. Here's what I ordered (the first picture is from the website and the second picture's taken by me)

You can see by comparing the pictures on the site from what I actually got that the pictures were not very accurate. A lot of them looked VERY different from the pictures but nothing was so terrible that I wouldn't ever wear it. All in all the buying process was very easy and besides the waiting time I'd definitely order from Aliexpress again. Best part, I got all of this for $33.28!

What's your favourite item? Have you ever ordered anything from Aliexpress?


I never thought my first chicken and waffles experience would be in Lagos but it was! My friend and I were driving around Lekki looking for food for about 20 minutes. We went over all the obvious options but nothing was calling us (if you know what I mean lol). That's when I remembered I'd read about this place on Berry's blog and Eat Drink Lagos and I thought - hey this will be something different. So off we wen't to Mico's and even though we got there 10 minutes past their closing time (8.10pm to be exact), the owner Michael was kind enough to open up his kitchen for us and let us get some takeaway. 

Now, my first impression of this place is it's tiny. And I don't mean it in a bad way. It's just not the kind of place where I'd personally want to eat in at because if there happened to be any other customers in at the same time as you, you'd probably be able to reach across and pick up a drumstick from their plate - no lie lol. I think they recognise that because I noticed they had a sign offering N150 discounts on takeaway.

My second thought was how incredibly reasonable the food was here's a snapshot of their menu:
I ordered the Mico's Special  and my friend got the pancakes (side eye for ordering pancakes at a waffle house but anyway) our meal came in this cute box with our order, butter, syrup, cutlery - all surprisingly compact but everything was wrapped up in foil, so it didn't make for the prettiest picture but if you'd like to know what it would've looked like all plated up check out the Berry Dakara or Eat Drink Lagos post:
I always stayed away from the combination because it just sounded weird in my head but it was surprisingly delicious. The sweetness of the waffle goes really well with the savouriness of the southern fried chicken. The actual waffle was light and oh so good, so much so that I suspected it might have been frozen or I might just be hating because all the waffles I've had here are either overly sweet and thick (Ice Cream Factory) or taste like eggs (Chocolate Royale). Speaking of which, my friend's pancake tasted like eggs which is a shame because the texture was perfect - thick but light and fluffy. It was still good but no where near as awesome as the waffles were. It'd also be a good time to point out that the chicken was pretty tasty too.

All in all, it was a good meal, and I liked that it was something different. We wolfed it down really quick and were very happy lol. Best part is the entire meal was only N3,700 which included two bottles of water. I will most definitely be back. Or actually, I might try their delivery service next time...


Happy April Everyone,

I'm sorry there's been a bit of a break of intermission on here, with all the election hoopla, I've just been lazy. But I picked these little pouches from Quintessence in Parkview Estate, Ikoyi for just N500 each! Their sales assistant told me they hire a woman who makes them for the store so they're made locally too. This was too good to keep to myself so I thought I'd share!

While you're there make sure you check out their selection of AJALI products!



Hope you all are having a good week so far! I was lucky enough to snag an invite to the launch of a brand new beauty brand right here in Lagos called Emmaus (pronouned uh-may-us) two weeks ago and it honestly was one of the best launches I'd been to. Emmaus is a 100% cruelty free brand made in the USA and founded by fellow Nigerian, Aminah Sagoe. Their philosophy is to use natural, safe ingredients but scientifically-formulated with the best technology  to ensure the products are effective. Emmaus specifically uses Plant Stem Cell technology which is pretty much the basis of all life. These cells have the ability to renew and repair themselves so the idea is that using these cells in their products will provide the necessary antioxidants and nutrients to rejuvenate our skin. Sounds cool right? 

Their three-step range consists firstly of their cleansing Smiling Beads Body Wash - a clarifying body wash containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid, sunflower seed wax and pumice powder which promotes the exfoliation of dry, dead and dull skin cells, and allows for new, glowing skin to surface. The second step in the range is the Touch of Love Mini Towels, which are basically thick, super soft towels soaked in salicylic and glycolic acids, arginine and (my favourite astringent) witch hazel to rejuvenate your skin. The last step is to moisturise and and nourish with their Softness  Bliss Body Lotion. Emmaus products are said to help with various skin conditions such as body acne, eczema, psoriasis, dark spots and discolouration. 

We were lucky enough to get samples of two out of their three products in our goody bags to try (disclaimer, excuse the condition of my nails, I'm off to get them done now lol):
The Smiling Beads Body Wash is an exfoliating shower gel. It has a very light citrus smell that is extremely pleasant and not at all overpowering. It foams so well that you only need a tiny bit at once. The smell of this product and the tiny exfoliating beads created an invigorating experience for me - I really did not want to stop using it, it's the perfect pick-me-up for those kind of mornings. My only cristicism would be that after I got out of the bath, my skin didn't feel as moisturised and soft as my regular Dove shower gel. It by no means felt dry though.
The Softness Body Lotion was thick and creamy, just how I like my lotions to be (pause). As soon as I smelled it it made me smile, and I instantly recognised the lemongrass fragrance. As far as lotions go, I personally didn't find it creamy enough to use all over my body but then again, my skin's used to AJALI now. It was great for moisturising my hands but I did find that you had to top it up as the day went on.

All in all, the Emmaus brand is undoubtedly a premium one. The quality of the ingredients and the packaging are top notch and it definitely creates the kind of experience that you want to "save for special occassions" or possibly give as a gift to a loved one. Their products are excusilvely sold at MedPlus pharmacies across Lagos and B Natural Spas in Victoria Island and Ikeja. I don't have exact prices at this time but once I do, I'll update you.

Have you tried any products from Emmaus?


Hi Guys,

So I'm back with more Mac lipsticks! I thought it'd be cool to show you my red lipsticks while I still had red hair (I know I know lol). Unfortunately, the pictures of me wearing the lipsticks didn't come out too great. Without flash the pictures came out blurry, with flash they all the lipsticks looked overly exposed and the same colour. I tried to play with the settings on my camera for over an hour and just couldn't figure it out Aaargh! Thankfully the swatches came out pretty good. 

L-R Viva Glam A80, Sin, Riri Woo, Ruby Woo, Russian Red, MAC Red
L-R Viva Glam A80, Sin, Riri Woo, Ruby Woo, Russian Red, MAC Red

Viva Glam A80 (Matte) :I forgot I had this, I think I must've got this about 5/6 years ago when I first got into lipstick and thought my lips had to be red all the time lol

Sin (Matte): Sin is a vampy dark red, and I absolutely loveeeee it! I just picked it up 2 weeks ago from the Bauty Cook Studio in Lekki for N3,800 - steal. This and Film Noir are my go-to lipstick colours with my hair this colour.

Riri Woo (Retro Matte): This lipstick was a gift, I never would've bought it myself since I think it's pretty much identical to Riri Woo and even drier. Not a fan. I remember wishing I had got Heaux instead at the time lol

Ruby Woo (Matte): There's not too much I can say about this, every person seems to have it and love it and I'm no exception.

Russian Red (Matte): This is the red I reach for the most in my collection. It's matte but not overly dry and I feel like this shade suits my skin tone the most.
MAC Red (Satin): Fun fact, the Mac Red was my first ever Mac lipstick that I bought for my 18th birthday - crazy right? Couldn't believe I even still had this. 

I've been leaning towards darker lipsticks and nudes for a while now, so must of these lipsticks haven't actually been worn in YEARS. I had a lot of fun strolling down memory lane/wondering if I need to throw some of these out lol... What are your favourite red lipsticks?

Read about my nude lipstick collection here.