So after years of dealing with smudged pencil eyeliner and gloopy liquid eyeliner I'm FINALLY venturing into the world of gel eyeliner. This purchase is all thanks to Ezinne from Beauty in Lagos. I'd been contemplating which brand to try when I stumbled on her post. When I read about how great she thought it was and that it was only N2,300, I ran to Palms Shopping Mall to get me some. I initially went to pick up the black (77) but the sales assistant (who made me smile the entire time and was coincidentally called Happiness) had used the brown color (90) to fill in her eyebrows and I thought it looked great.  

I looked around the store and I was very impressed with the quality and prices of Inglot's makeup. I'll definitely be adding a few more of their items to my collection. Are you a fan of Inglot makeup? What would you recommend for me to try?



For those that are unfamiliar with this tag its basically an opportunity for you to get your Kanye on and rant about all the things that piss you off! I love watching these tags on Youtube because I think it's so funny to watch how people get worked up and especially when I'm like "Oh my gosh, I hate that too!" lol! It's just good fun and hopefully we can laugh about it and not take it too seriously. So without further ado:

#1: Silly acronyms 
First of all, in most cases it takes the exact amount of time if not longer to say/type the full version especially when you consider how long it takes you to explain your acronyms. Second of all it just irks me because this isn't English! I feel like a lot of people just make up their own abbreviations because honestly some of these are weird. Please refer to offensive acronyms below!
uw = you're welcome 
hml/hbd = happy married life/ happy birthday
2ma = tomorrow (2moro is actually a little acceptable)

#2: Bitchy girls (or just mean people in general)
It's not OK (it never was) to be mean to people but it baffles me to see that some girls are still living in high school whispering about people, judging them for the clothes they wear and gossiping at every opportunity. The stories I could tell you. I personally don't have a lot of friends because I've learned the hard way what people are capable of. But every now and again you may find yourself in the midst of these kinds of people and if you do, just keep your head up because you're a much better person for being a GOOD person. And just pray that they see the light and grow up one day.

#3: Nigerian office culture
Since I moved back I've worked in 4 different places in Nigeria and I've gathered that there are just those idiosyncrasies that are peculiar to this environment. They don't so much as bother me than puzzle me. Specifically when people expect you to stop whatever you'e doing to "shake" them. I don't get it. I can be typing, or eating or even on the phone and someone will just walk by. Of course I'll greet you but that's not enough. Some people expect you to stop whatever you're doing to shake their hand -why??? Then follows the controversial "how was your night?". I just can't deal lol.

#4: Queues at petrol stations
Anyone that knows me knows I'm a very impatient person. I know this is not something to be proud of and over the years I've gotten a lot better at this but I'm sorry the queues at petrol stations are the absolute WORST. Has anyone tried to buy petrol at the Oando by the 4th Lekki roundabout on ANY evening? That place is a market. There's zero structure to to the queues and the second you think you're getting to the pump some okada (see point #4) comes out of nowhere and gets served before you  because "it's only small", and the next guy proceeds to bring out not one but TWO 50l jerrycans from his boot :/ (PS okadas are commercial motorcycles for all my international readers)

#5: Customer service in Nigeria
Its safe to say that this doesn't exist. I have literally walked into a store and had the shop assistant mumble under their breaths about me disturbing them - the cheek! Initially I'd just ignore it and try to get out of the situation but sometimes you have to let people know that they're being RUDE!

I tag:
Anyone and Everyone! Let me know what your pet peeves are!



Have you read Gone Girl?! If you haven't please do yourself a favor and get it NOW! I literally could not cope with all the twists and turns, my poor heart is still recovering lol. Without giving too much away, Gone Girl is told from the perspective of husband and wife, Nick and Amy Dunne. On paper they have what would seem to be a happy marriage but all that is quickly unravelled when Amy mysteriously disappears leaving Nick as the key suspect of her murder. I never thought I'd like suspense and thriller novels but this book is written in such a clever way that you literally find yourself so invested in the characters to the point where you HAVE to know what happens. The twists and turns are (for me at least) unlike any story I've read before and it has a really interesting ending. I know it's been made into a film featuring Ben Affleck but I haven't seen it yet. I will soon though! Definitely! Have you read Gone Girl or seen the movie? What did you think? I'm so sad I'm done reading it now.. What will I do now? FML


Hi Guys,

Sorry I'm late with Sunday's post but it's technically still Sunday in some parts of the world right? Lol. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I just got back from The Gambia. I'd planned so many trips there over the years but somehow the plans always fell through, so when I was sent there on a work assignment I was beyond excited.  I was sent there to cover the opening of a brand new resort called Flourish Wellness Resort, Kotu Beach. I was in Gambia for 4 days and had an amazing time relaxing on the beach, resting, treating myself to some good food and spa treatments - it was exactly what I needed. The Gambia is stunning and it's only 3 and a half hours away from Lagos. I stayed at the Kairaba hotel which was lovely but had a bit too many animals roaming around for my liking - peacocks, cats, monkeys, all sorts of birds, high monitor lizards *eek*. The pace of the country is very relaxed and the people are incredibly friendly, if you're looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of Nigeria I'd totally recommend a trip to The Gambia.

Kairaba Hotel
Kairaba Hotel
Kairaba Hotel

Found this on my way to the Monkey Park, scary huh?

My first Gambian meal - Beef Domoda

Coco Ocean 
Coco Ocean
Treated myself to a Hamman Bath and Massage at Coco Ocean on my last day, AH-MAZING
Coco Ocean Spa 
Coco Ocean Spa
Coco Ocean Spa
Coco Ocean Beach
My last Sunset in Gambia

I've always wanted to travel more within Africa and my trips to Ghana and Gambia this year have really opened my eyes to the beauty we have right here on our continent. I can't wait to see more! Have you ever been to The Gambia? What other African countries would you recommend I visit?

NB - I apologise for the picture quality, I didn't take my DSLR with me so all these pictures were taken on my Iphone 5. Not bad though right? Lol..


Hello Everyone!!

Sleek Makeup gets a lot of love in the blogger world (and rightfully so, they are hands down my favorite drug store makeup brand).I picked this kit up from Superdrug in Medium (I believe it comes in Light also) and it's completely stunning. It comes in a nice, hard case with a huge mirror and contains three powders - a dark brown for contouring, a shimmery pale gold for highlighting and a bright gold that can be used as a bronzer. The powders are great quality, very pigmented with minimal fallout. In this post I'm showing you how I use this kit to create a light contour, and bronze the apples of my cheeks. 

PS: The second brush I used my cheeks is a Real Techniques Blush Brush

I bought it in August and I still use it (pretty much every day). The highlight color is great for highlighting under your brow bone, or the inner tear ducts of your eyes. The great thing about this kit is  you can use it on a variety of skin tones, my friends Yasmin (who's darker than me) and Angela (who's lighter) both love it. So if you're looking for an inexpensive contour kit, I'd definitely recommend this one!

Have you any of you tried this kit?  What do you think?

And if you're interested I'm running a month of giveaways for AJALI HANDMADE NATURALS! Check out our Instagram page @shopajali if you're interested:) 


Hello Guys,

My last full day in Tokyo was on a Friday and I decided to shop. I started off in 209, a trendy department store in Shibuya. I quickly found out that Japanese fashion is expensive and dare I say, overpriced but I loved looking at everything.
I really wanted that Mickey Mouse hat - had to restrain myself lol
They sure do love their coloured contacts!

Kiki and I  refused to leave Tokyo without some crazy Japanese nail art and had been meaning to do them since we arrived. Unfortunately we didn't anticipate how serious the Japanese nail game was, with each nail appointment taking approximately 3 hours you have to make an appointment. Walk-ins are considered to be rude. Oh and it'll cost you anything from $80-100! Luckily I came across Miss Fancy Pants Tokyo, fellow blogger. Her post on Nails 101 in Tokyo was so helpful. She recommended March Nails salon in Shibuya, their prices started from $60 and they had vacancies so we made an appointment (on the Monday before) and headed there after shopping. Guys, our appointments were for 3.30 and 4pm and we didn't leave till 7.15pm. I'd never had nails like this so it was amazing but I would never be able to keep it up. Ain't nobody got time for 3-hour manicures! I went for a very girly, 3 color design with bows and dogtooth sticker decals.  And Kiki went for a glittery, white and silver pattern. Their attention to detail (like with most things) is incredible and I loved how they came out.

After that we were starving and it occurred to me that I still hadn't had any ramen this trip. We found a little place in Omotesando Hills called Ramenzero Plus that specializes in ramen. This was my first time having ramen and it was pretty good, Kiki was convinced the stock tasted like oha soup, and I have to agree. We got some gyoza too which was piping hot and delicious. We felt like treating ourselves to a dessert and went to Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar where we had the most indulgent chocolate cake, hot fudge sauce and ice cream. It was so so good. Then again I am a chocolate junkie so of course I'd think so. Lol.

After we got back from dinner we went to explore the nightlife centre, Roppongi and take in all that Tokyo had to offer before we left. For me, my last night in Tokyo was bittersweet. As much as I loved being in Tokyo and still now can't believe I was able to spend a week there, I felt very far from home. I was very much aware of the fact that I was on the other side of the world. The stark culture difference and language barrier was something I'd never experienced before. But the Japanese people are so helpful and sweet I would love to visit again someday. 

I hope you've enjoyed my Tokyo diary! 2014 has been an amazing year for travel for me and I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to share my experiences with you all.

Sayonara Tokyo!